Boats by Hull Number - Articles

Note: first number group refers to the hull number code: in "1968-80" 1968 is its debut year, 80 is the original U number; for the earliest boats which carried no racing numbers the name has been substituted.

1902-rollo Rollo: The Marine Automobile [1902]

1903-express_The Speed Launch Express [1903]

1903-standard Standard: The Standard [1903]

1903-standard Standard Does It Again in 1907

1903-ving-et-un_Vingt-et-Un II, The Gold Cup Champion [1998]

1904-six-shooter Six Shooter [1905]

1905-antoinette-iii Antoinette III - Antoinette III [1905-1906]

1905-au-revoir Au Revoir - One of John Hacker's First Creations [1905]

1905-white-fox White Fox [1905]

1906-buddie-ii Buddie II, One Of The Little Ones [1906]

1906-chip-ii Chip II - The Mystery Boat [1906]

1906-quicksilver Quicksilver of 1906 : A St. Lawrence Flier

1906-rose-en-soleil Rose-en-Soleil [1906] - A Notable Steam Motorboat

1906-sparrow Sparrow, A Remarkable Little Craft [1906]

1908-dixie-ii Dixie II [1908]

1908-peter-pan Peter Pan [1908]


1909-arrow Arrow Gull Lake Michigan) [1909]

1909-hoosier-boy Hoosier Boy [1909]

1910-dixie-jr Dixie Jr., A New 20-mile Runabout

1913-oregon-kid Oregon Kid Like Slo-mo Went East and Won Fame [1913-15]

1924-rainbow-iv Rainbow IV

1930-casey-jones Thousand Horsepower In 20 Year Old Racer [1949]

1936-04 Gold Cup Winner May Race Again [1946]

1938-08 The Wilsons and the Miss Canadas

1938-13 Tempo VI, The Gold Cup Champion

1939-104 A Wonderful Ride in It's A Wonder

1948-02 History : The 160 Mile an Hour Whale Boat

1949-09 The Wilsons and the Miss Canadas

1949-09 Wilson Boat Sets Mark

1950-27 "Slo-mo-shun IV" Groomed for Big Races [1949]

1950-27 How the Slo-mo-shun IV Was Designed [1950]

1950-27 The Grand Old Lady

1950-27 The Slo-mo-shun Saga

1956-08 Hawaii Kai III - The Gold Cup Champion

1956-09 Hawaii Kai Registers 170 mph

1956-09 The 1956 Mile Run Remembered

1958-40 Miss Bardahl (2) - Recipe For a Hydroplane — First You Take $30,000 [1958]

1956-29 From Out of the Past : Recalling Shanty I

1959-03 Miss Supertest III - Two Thousand Horsepower Under Me At 160 Miles An Hour [1961]

1966-15 My Gypsy Remembered

1968-80 Smirnoff/Myr/Atlas Joins Museum Fleet [1999]