1946 APBA Gold Cup

Gold Cup Race Opened For General Competition

1946 APBA Gold Cup Programme Guide
1946 APBA Gold Cup Programme Guide

The race for the Gold Cup, an annual speed boat classic in the East and Middle West, hitherto confined to craft with motors having a total piston displacement of between 600 and 732 cubic inches, has been thrown wide open for general competition by revised rules of the American Power Boat Association.

Any inboard boat, from now on, not over 40 feet and not under ten feet, with no restrictions as regards the hull's underbody or the size and types of engines may now compete in this race, with the exception that boats propelled by straight jet propulsion or air propellers are not eligible.

It is expected that most prominent among the new types of boats competing for the trophy will be the 225-cubic-inch hydroplanes whose owners have long been clamoring for a chance to race for the coveted trophy.

The only race on the Pacific Coast comparable to the Gold Cup event is the annual contest for the Pacific Motor Boat perpetual challenge trophy held each year in Southern California, usually at Newport Harbor.

(Reprinted from Pacific Motor Boat, February 1946, p.54)