1946 National Sweepstakes Regatta & Auerbach Memorial Trophy

Regatta Draws 25 Boats For Feature Event

Guy Lombardo Enters With Tempo V

Races Begin Saturday at 4 O’clock

(Press Teletype)

Red Bank -- Workmen yesterday were putting the finishing touches for the official barge before pulling it out to anchor at the finish line as preparations for Saturday's 14th annual National Sweepstakes Regatta were being completed.

Altho none of the larger boats have arrived at the river as yet, 25 have been entered in the feature sweepstakes and most of these are expected to be on hand for the first of three heats at 4 p.m. Saturday. Second and third heats will be run Sunday.

With a full schedule of 33 events, a new heat or race will be started every 20 minutes during the racing hours. Outboards will lead off at 11:40 a m. Saturday and the sweepstakes final heat will close the meet. Preceding the speed boat program Sunday will be a fleet of 80 sailboats in various classes in special regatta Sunday morning.

Feature Entrants Entered in the feature race are G. Merritt Twilley, with Shorty Pants; Jack Wood, The Detroiter; Guy Lombardo, Tempo V and Tempo VI: Samuel Crooks, Dragon XIV; William G. Braden, Ariel II and Ariel III; Howard Hibbert, How-Mar IV; Gibson Bradfield, Buckeye Baby; Albert Brinkman, jr. Seabiscuit; Lou Butler, Buckeye Bullet; C. Frank Ripp, Bay Head IV; Forest E. Johnson, Prowler "J"; William Crichfield, Hell's Angel II; T. J. Gaiatis, Seven Piddles; Dr. Martin Haurin, Gooch II; Edward Nabb, Black Magic; Lou Fageol, So-Long: E. Mortimer Auerbach, Emancipator VIII; Jack Cooper, Tops; Edison Hedges, Ly-Bee and Avenger; Thomas Glennon, Wild Goose; Joseph Van Blerck. jr. Aljo; and George Schrafft, Chrissie V.

(Asbury Park Press, Thu. August 15, 1946)