1947 Biscayne Gold Cup
[Miami Jaycee Trophy]

2-Day Regatta Opens Tomorrow In Biscayne Bay

By Salty Mallants (Miami Daily News Boating Editor)

1947 Biscayne Bay Regatta Programme Guide
1947 Biscayne Bay Regatta Programme Guide

The 34th annual Biscayne Bay Regatta will be staged on the Charles F. Chapman course, between the MacArthur and Venetian causeways tomorrow and Sunday, under the sponsorship of the Miami Junior Chamber of Commerce. The two-day meet is expected to add another bright chapter to the highly successful motor boat racing campaign on Florida waters this winter.

Opening day events will include races for outboard hydroplanes. Class A to C, and inboard service runabouts. Feature event of the meet, the Junior Chamber of Commerce Trophy, is slated for two heats on Sunday. This race will be open to all inboard hydroplanes from the 91 Class up to and including the Gold Cup division.

In addition to the feature event, races for 91, 135, 151 and 225 cubic-inch hydroplanes are down for decision, as well as events for Class F outboard hydroplanes, inboard runabouts and a two-heat cruiser race.

Competition among the 135 cubic-inch hydroplanes will center around the accumulation of points toward the Jafco Trophy, the Miami regatta being one of the specified meetings during 1947 in which owners of 135s may strive for the annual take-home prize, donated by John A. Frauenheim. of Buffalo, N. Y.. a member of the Regatta Circuit Riders' Club, the organization charged with administering the trophy competition.

(Reprinted from The Miami News, February 28, 1947)