1948 Glenn L. Martin Trophy

Power-Boat Races Start Tomorrow

With 30 boats already registered, including Guy Lombardo's Gold Cup challenger, Tempo VI, a record list of entries is in prospect for the fifth renewal of the Wilson Point Men's Club power-boat regatta tomorrow and Sunday at Middle River.

While the major portion of trophy seekers usually put in their appearances and serve their entry blanks on the day of a race, this large advance booking of race drivers indicates a possible new high in number of contestants for a Chesapeake Bay speedboat event.

Last year's Wilson Point regalia over the protected Middle River course off Stansbury Beach produced five world records, and the prospect of additional new marks, plus more than 60 trophies to be awarded, is proving strong incentive to some of the East's foremost high-speed drivers."

In addition to opportunities for setting new 5-mile competitive records around the 1⅔-mile oval course, 1-mile straightaway record trials are scheduled from 6 to A.M. Sunday and following the 15-mile free-for-all finale at 4:45 o’clock that afternoon, if requested. Al Bauer, American,Power Boat Association referee, will be present to rule on any claims and to provide a loud-speaker account of all races.

(The Baltimore Sun, Fri Jun 25 1948)