1949 Detroit Marathon

Also Wins 100-Mile Race

. . . Demonstrating the durability of his craft, Dollar took Skip-A-Long out an hour later and made a runaway of the 100-mile Detroit Marathon event.

Six boats started in this race but only the Californian and Such Crust made any kind of showing. Such Crust finished second more than a lap and a half behind Dollar's boat.

Dollar's best speed in this event was 86.844 miles an hour attained in the first time around the course. The best Such Crust showed was 76.614.

The order of finish for the Detroit Marathon was:

1. G-25 Skip-A-Long
2. U-1 Such Crust
3. U-21 Aluminum First
U-11 Such Crust II DNF
G-7 Helvin DNF
So Long II DNF


(Reprinted from the New York Times, August 2, 1949)