1949 Percy Jones Memorial

So Long Is First Casualty of Speed Boat Trials

Split Hull Puts Fageol Out Early

Gold Cupper Suffers Mishap on Trial Run

1949 Percy Jones Memorial Programme Guide
1949 Percy Jones Memorial Programme Guide

Lou Fageol’s seven-liter So Long became the first casualty of the Detroit River powerboating season.

Fageol was forced to beach So Long on Belle Isle Saturday after planking in the hull tore loose while making a turn. So Long, making a trial run, had roared downstream at 91.079 MPH before the accident.

* * *

Fageol reported that the shaft was bent and the propellor ruined when So Long was intentionally beached to prevent sinking. All damage will be repaired before next week’s Gold Cup.

Strong winds whipped up the river to such extent that only two boats appeared for the special time trials in which Gar Wood’s ancient record of 124.915 mph was the target.

It was announced that officials would be on hand to clock boats in similar trials from dawn to dusk Sunday. The course is along the Canadian side of Belle Isle.

* * *

Stan Dollar’s Skip-a-Long of California played it safe on the choppy water and averaged only 110.82 mph. She hit an unofficial 120 mph Friday.

My Sweetie took one shot at the mark and hit 106.4 niph.

Both Skip-a-Long and My Sweetie are expected to appear again Sunday.

Other possible starters include Jack Schafer’s Such Crust, the Dossin brothers’ Miss Pepsi, Harry Lynn’s Lahala, either of Henry Kaiser’s two boats Hot Metal or Aluminum I. Horace Dodge’s Delphine X and Morlan Visel’s Hurricane IV.

The latter, which hit 125 mph in tests in California, was damaged slightly when the trailer hauling it through Michigan was sideswiped.