1951 Indiana Governor's Cup


October 14 3 Mile Course
Ohio River 15 Mile Heat
Madison, Indiana 15 Mile Race


  No. Entry Owner
1 U-51 Gale II Joe Schoenith
2 G-88 It's A Wonder George Davis
3 F-15 Hornet Marion Cooper
4 N-33 Miss Delhi Hills Don Campbell
5 Y-49 Ugh Don Smith


  Heat One Driver Points Speed
1 Hornet Marion Cooper 400 T.N.T.
2 Miss Delhi Hills Don Campbell 300 T.N.T.
3 It's A Wonder George Davis 225 T.N.T.
4 Ugh Don Smith 169 T.N.T.
5 Gale II Lee Schoenith DNF


The first Indiana Governor's Cup was described by the Madison Courier was reduced to a mere exhibition. Unlike the other classes at the regatta no times were taken. Gale II made wide turns and paced the smaller boats around the course until going dead in the water. Thus it is probable that the race should be regarded as an exhibition rather than a real race. It is included since it was the first in a long line of races and was scheduled as an Unlimited race.

[Statistics and comment from Greene, V.1]