1952 Maple Leaf Trophy

Miss Pepsi Sweeps Regatta at Windsor

Windsor, Ont. June 28 [1952] (AP) — Miss Pepsi, a Detroit-owned multi-engined hydroplane, swept all three fifteen-mile heat to win the Windsor Yacht Club's fourth annual Maple Leaf Regatta today.

Miss Pepsi averaged 91.097 miles and hour for the three heats along the Detroit River course, outdistancing Miss Great Lakes II, also a Detroit-owned boat.

Chuck Thompson, driving Miss Pepsi, averaged 93.988 miles an hour in capturing the first heat by two miles over Miss Great Lakes, driven by Joe Taggart. Thompson averaged 89.478 and 89.826 m.p.h. in the second and third heats. He had one lap of 97.350 in the first.

Such Crust IV, also a Detroit-owned speedster, was damaged in a warm-up run, but repairs were made in time for her to enter the second heat. Miss Pepsi, Miss Supertest and Such Crust IV hit the starting line together, but as Roy Duby tried to pilot Such Crust IV between the other boats, it shot into the air on the rough water, landed hard and a supercharger let go with a whining scream. Flames belched from an engine.

Duby grabbed an extinguisher and put out the fire, but Such Crust IV was finished for the day and had to be towed in.

Miss Great Lakes was the only boat to finish besides Miss Pepsi. Little [Miss] Judy, a surprise entry owned by Bud Marshall of Riverside, Ont., dropped out of the second heat with motor trouble.

Final Results
1 U-99 Miss Pepsi (2) Chuck Thompson
2 U-4 Miss Great Lakes II Joe Taggart
DNF G-7 Such Crust IV (1) Roy Duby
DNF CA-1 Miss Supertest
DNF CA-11 Little [Miss] Judy
DNS U-51 Gale II
DNS U-3 My Sweetie (2)


(Reprinted from the Associated Press, June 29, 1952)