1955 International Boundary Trophy


July 17 2½ Mile Course
St. Clair River 15 Mile Heats
St. Clair, Michigan 45 Mile Race


  No. Entry Owner Comp. Lap Race
1. U-6 Short Circuit Chuck Thompson
2. U-14 Dora My Sweetie Horace Dodge
3. U-23 Wha Hoppen Too Chuck Doran
4. U-45 Miss Cadillac Bud Saile 71.140
5. G-22 Such Crust III (2) Jack Schafer 76.726 73.151
6. CA-1 Miss Supertest II Gordon Thompson


  Heat One Driver Points Speed
1. Such Crust III Walt Kade 400 72.744
2. Miss Cadillac Bud Saile 300 71.881
3. Miss Supertest II Bill Braden 225 66.182
4. Wha Hoppen Too Marv Henrich 169 65.818
5. Short Circuit Chuck Thompson DSQ
  Heat Two Driver Points Speed
1. Such Crust III Walt Kade 400 73.235
2. Miss Supertest II Bill Braden 300 71.689
3. Miss Cadillac Bud Saile 225 67.200
4. Wha Hoppen Too Lee Schoenith DNF
  Heat Three Driver Points Speed
1. Miss Cadillac Bob Mcelroy 400 74.747
2. Such Crust III Walt Kade 300 73.483
3. Miss Supertest II Bill Braden DNF


  Recapitulation Heat 1 Heat 2 Cum Heat 3 Total
1. Such Crust III 400 400 800 300 1100
2. Miss Cadillac 300 225 525 400 925
3. Miss Supertest II 225 300 525 DNF 525
4. Wha Hoppen Too 169 DNF 169 DNS 169
5. Short Circuit DSQ DNS 000 DNS 000


St. Clair, Michigan is located on the St. Clair river near the spot where the 1933 Harmsworth was run. The course is rough traditionally-about 8 m.p.h. slow. The water was especially rough for the inaugural event and the heavy twin engine Such Crust III was able to prevail.

After the Ford Memorial Bill Muncey was given the driving assignment for Dora My Sweetie - one of the leading boats of 1954. Her owner Horace Dodge was one of the wealthiest of owners when his mother was pleased with him. Muncey left Detroit in early 1952 to be in the Army and did not return until the fall of 1953. He had impressed with his handling of Miss Great Lakes in 1950. He had missed an opportunity to run Miss Great Lakes II when she made her debut in February 1952.

When Lou Fageol "retired" after the 1953 season, he recommended Muncey as his replacement in Slo-mo-shun V. However Fageol then came out of retirement for the first time. Dora did not race at St. Clair due to a sheered cavitation plate putting a hole in her bottom.

[Statistics and comments from Greene, V.1]