1962 Diamond Cup

Muncey, Miss Century 21 Repeat for Diamond Cup

Bill Muncey in his charging seahorse, Miss Century 21, did a great repeat performance at Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to win the 1962 Diamond Cup race.

In Heat 1-B on Saturday Bill managed to chalk up an even 108 mph average to beat out Wild Bill Cantrell in Gale V, which suffered a broken water hose, and partially filled the cockpit with water. Seattle Too was third followed by Miss U.S. 1 and Notre Dame. Col. Russ Schleeh ran away with heat 1-A in Tahoe Miss to lead Such Crust, Gale VIl, Miss B & I and $ Bill in that order. Neither Tempest nor Miss Bardahl finished.

Sunday's racing found Tempest taking Heat 2-A to win over Notre Dame, Tahoe Miss, Miss U.S. 1, Gale VII and $ Bill. Muncey took Heat 2-B away from Miss Seattle Too, Miss Bardahl, and Such Crust. Gale V did not finish.

Muncey needed only a third in the final heat to put Miss C-21 in top spot and was fourth or fifth across the starting line with Tahoe Miss and Tempest leading the field. With cool calculation and a steady foot on the accelerator, Muncey crawled up and passed one after the other of the leaders until, at the end of the second lap he was out in front.

When it was all over the scoreboard showed Century 21 with 1200 points and $2,650 in prize money. Tahoe Miss barely nosed out Bill Brow in Miss Seattle Too for second place with 752 points to 750 and $1,350 against $700. Chuck Hickling in Tempest was fourth with 700 points and $400. All boats making an official start received $250 and tow money.

The weather was clear and hot but choppy water made for a rough ride and a couple of anxious moments as a boat nearly flipped and struck a buoy.

(Reprinted from Sea and Pacific Motor Boat, September 1962, p.49-N)