1964 Presidents Cup

Year of the Green Dragon (excerpt)

by Eileen Crimmin; photos by Bob Carver


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There was that number again – 13, the boat field. There was that weather again, bad. There was that water again – rough. In fact, the water was so rough that Notre Dame withdrew after running one heat. The event was ripe for upset, and upset occurred.

Tahoe Miss won the first heat; Bardahl the second; Smirnoff, the third; Madison, the fourth; Tahoe Miss, the fifth; and Smirnoff, the final.

With Tahoe Miss' speed and two heat wins the natural assumption was that she would win. But natural assumptions are not the stuff of which racing is made.

To the victory circle for the trophy came a triumphant Bill Cantrell and Smirnoff. To the pits with a DNF in the Final went Tahoe Miss, again the Hard Luck Boat.

Reliable Madison placed second overall with Tahoe Miss third and Bardahl fourth. As camps headed for Nevada and Lake Tahoe, Bardahl and Madison were fighting a duel of the calculators. Unless Bardahl won or placed well at Tahoe, Madison could move into the High Point Championship spot.

* * *

Presidents Cup offered Musson another buoy problem. He missed one entirely. Meanwhile it rained, fogged, steamed, blew and generally was miserable racing weather and water. Budweiser spun out in the first heat, restarted, but the heat was stopped anyway.

(Reprinted from the National Boat Racing 1965 Yearbook)