1998 Bayfair Bill Muncey Cup

Race Results

San Diego Course Records: 

Qualification lap: 172.166, Chip Hanauer (Miss Budweiser), 1995*  
Competition lap: 164.919, Mark Tate (Winston Eagle), 1993  
7.5-mile heat: 161.712, Mark Tate (Winston Eagle), 1993  
12.5-mile heat: 151.425, Mark Evans (Miss Budweiser), 1996  
35-mile race: 151.256, Mark Tate (Smokin' Joe's), 1996 
*World Record 

Ralph's Bayfair Bill Muncey Cup San Diego, (September 20, 1998) - Sunday in San Diego Dave Villwock won his seventh race this season, the 20th of his career, clinched his second National Championship as a driver and secured an unprecedented 18th National Championship for Miss Budweiser owner Bernie Little.

Villwock described his flawless four heat performance as "another home run" for the Miss Budweiser team.

Villwock swept all three preliminary heats before averaging 147.9 mph in the 12.5-mile championship heat.

The final heat was interrupted after Nate Brown failed to hold his lane exiting turn 2 of the first lap and passed through the roostertail of Mark Weber and the U-10 Wild Fire. The U8 LLumar Window Films boat rolled and landed upside down. Rescue personnel extracted a shaken but uninjured Brown who proceeded to acknowledge the appreciative crowd with a wave of his arms.

The final order of finish, after the restart, placed Dave Villwock atop the podium with Mitch Evans (U-20) landing the second spot, Jimmy King (U-16) finished third and Mark Weber finished forth. Mark Evans (U-100) did not finish and Steve David (U-2) did not start.

During Saturday morning qualifying for the Bill Muncey Cup the newly appointed Chairman of the the UHRA, Dr. Ken Muscatel, lost the skid fin on his hydroplane while passing through the apex of the North turn. The hydroplane's left side was severely damaged and the front wing destroyed. Dr. Muscatel was uninjured in the crash.

*  *  *

Heat 3 Recap:

San Diego, (September 20, 1998) - Heat 3A was a near repeat of heat 2A. Dave Villwock, driving the Miss Budweiser managed to stay ahead of the PICO American Dream and Mark Evans, by only .4 of a second. The hard charging, Dave Villwock would not give into the PICO. By the end of lap two, the Budweiser had gained a one second lead over the PICO. PICO never could over come the Budweiser and had to settle for second place at the end of the final lap. LLumar, with Nate Brown, finished a distance third, while Jimmy King in the Miss E-Lam Plus missed a buoy and was penalized a lap and finished fourth. Heat 3B was won by Wild Fire and Mark Weber; the newly purchased hull from the late Steve Woomer. This is the first heat victory under the new ownership of Kim Gregory. After the victory, Gregory said, "That heat is dedicated to Steve Woomer and all his fans." He continued to say the team had fought several gremlins today but appear to have them solved. "My knees were knocking together in the final lap, I just wanted him to finish." Finishing a distant second was Deja Vu, with Steve David driving. The Appian Jeronimo went dead in the water after a half lap, and the U-9, Miss VONS went dead in the water prior to the start of the race.

*  *  *

Heat 2 Recap:

The Miss Budweiser and driver Dave Villwock have won a deck-to-deck duel with PICO American Dream in heat 2A, a duel that lasted all the way to the finish line. Newly crowned O'Doul's National Champion, Bernie Little said, "That was one good heat and some damn good racing."

The Jeronimo, driven by Mitch Evans finshed a roostertail behind the Bud and PICO, followed by Deja Vu with Steve David at the controls, placed fourth. Heat 2B was another barn burner, with Nate Brown driving the LLumar, closely chased in all of the three laps by Jimmy King in the Miss E-Lam Plus. Brown keep his foot to the floor and managed to win the heat by only a few seconds over King and the E-Lam. Finishing third was the Wild FIRE, driven by Mark Weber. Miss VONS, U-9 went dead in the water prior to the beginning of the race.

Friday Qualifying: 

Miss Bud            163.890 
Appian Jeronimo     162.569 
LLumar Window Film  158.890 
PICO                158.890 
E-Lam               157.060 
Wild FIRE           153.087 
Miss VONS           148.837 
Deja Vu             147.208 

Saturday Qualifying: 

Miss Budweiser      163.890 
Appian Jeronimo     162.728 
LLumar Window Film  158.890 
PICO                158.181 
Miss E-Lam          157.060 
Wild FIRE Unlimited 153.312 
Miss VONS           148.837 
Deja Vu (U-2)       147.208 
Heat Results With Speed (Mph): 

Miss Bud            147.751 
LLumar              142.548 
Wild FIRE Unlimited 138.340 
Deja Vu             128.848 

Fastest lap, #1 Miss Bud 153.400 

PICO                150.502 
Appian              148.752 
E-Lam               142.525 
Miss VONS           131.502 

Fastest lap #1 PICO 158.006 
PICO lost points for N2 Violation 

Budweiser           155.839 
PICO                153.647 
Appian              150.730 
Deja Vu             128.637 

Fast lap #2 Budweiser 158.200 

LLumar              148.151 
Miss E-Lam          147.426 
Wild FIRE Unlimited 138.137 
Miss VONS               DNS 

Fast lap #2, Elam   150.615 

Bud                 154.585 
PICO                148.052 
LLumar              139.304 
E-Lam               132.808 

Fast Lap #2 Bud     155.841 

Wild FIRE           137.794 
Deja Vu             124.838 
Appian                  DNF 
Miss VONS               DNS 
Fast lap Wild FIRE 144.629 

Bud                 147.917 
Appian              143.477 
E-Lam               141.634 
Wild FIRE Unlimited 132.263 
PICO                    DSQ 
Deja Vu                 DNS 
Fastest Lap #1, Budweiser 153.163 
U-100 Had a DSQ due to Flagrant N2 violation 

(Reprinted from UHRA.com)