1998 Budweiser Columbia Cup With Wings

Saturday Results

Tri-Cities, WA, Sunday, July 26, 1998, 6:00 p.m. - - When qualifying for the Budweiser Columbia Cup for Unlimited Hydroplanes came to an close here Saturday, easily the fastest field of the 1998 Ralphs UHRA Thunder Tour presented by Las Vegas was poised for what promises to be an incredible Sunday shootout on the Columbia River.

Six boats qualified at an average speed of over 150 miles per hour around the two-and-one-half mile oval course, with two boats Miss Budweiser and Appian Jeronimo over 160.

Once again it was unbeaten Dave Villwock in the Miss Bud who qualified number one at 162.502 mph, but right behind was Mitch Evans in the Jeronimo at 160.749. Nate Brown in Miss Tri-Cities was just a tick back at 159.747 with Jimmy King a surprising fourth at 156.786 in Miss E-LAM making its 1998 debut.

Other highlights of Saturday's qualifying run in 100 plus degree heat before a huge crowd, included Honolulu's Bob Fendler qualifying the U-19 Miss Easter Seals driven by Jerry Hale with a time of 146.275.

Bad luck continued to follow the U-100 PICO American Dream. Mark Evans' attempt at a late afternoon qualifying run did not take place after the boat caught fire in the pits. The blaze was quickly put out but the boat was forced to stay on the trailer. Evans' best time was 153.137.

Unofficial Qualifying Results Day Two Session 5 4:00 P.M.

U-1   Miss Budweiser (T-5)            Dave Villwock    162.502 
U-20  Appian Jeronimo                 Mitch Evans      160.749+ 
U-8   Robert Young Suites & Llumnar   
      Presents The Miss Tri-Cities    Nate Brown       159.747+ 
U-16  Miss E-Lam Plus                 Jimmy King       156.786+ 
U-2   Miss Molson                     Steve David      152.931 
U-100 PICO American Dream '98         N. Mark Evans    153.137+ 
U-7   Mr. United Furniture Warehouse  Rick Christensen 149.735 
U-9   Carpenter Communications        Mike Weber       149.638+ 
U-14  Miss Jack-Sons Sports Bar       Ken Muscatel     146.618# 
U-19  Easter Seals                    Jerry Hale       146.275# 
U-3   Master Tire                     Mark Weber       132.902#* 

+Indicates Increased Speed
#Indicates New Qualifier
*The U-3 is the only piston powered boat in the fleet. They qualify at 120 mph, the turbine engines At 130 mph.

Qualification Records:
Tri-Cities 2.5 mi course, 169.055 Smokin' Joe's, Mark Tate 1995
World 2.5 mi course record 172.166, Miss Budweiser, Chip Hanauer, San Diego, 1995