1998 JN Automotive Hydrofest

Race Results


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Honolulu, Hawaii (October 18) - The final race of the 1998 Ralphs Unlimited Hydroplane Thunder Tour presented by Las Vegas was full of surprises. Most everyone probably thought the Miss Budweiser would walk away with a victory at this weekend's JN Automotive Hydrofest. That was not to be.

As seven of the world's fastest race boats headed for the start/finish line, the capacity crowd roared with approval. Unfortunately for Dave Villwock in the U-1 Miss Budweiser and Mitch Evans in the U-20 Appian Jeronimo, victory would escape them this afternoon.

The return of the clock start in 1998 has showcased the driver and his ability to time the start. Dave Villwock has been a master of timing the start all year long but today it was a different story. Each driver raced to the start trying to get a jump on the field, however Evans and Villwock jumped the start and were penalized one lap for the violation.

Timing the start perfectly however, was Mark Weber in KG Racing's, U-10 Wild Fire. Weber managed to hold off the field and capture his second win, and the first for Kim and Debbie Gregory of Las Vegas, Nevada. Kim and Debbie recently purchased the U-10 unlimited hydroplane from the estate of the late Steve Woomer. In fact it was this very boat which won last year's JN Automotive Hydrofest. A fitting way to end the season.

(Reprinted from UHRA.com)