1998 Las Vegas Cup

Race Results

Las Vegas Cup Lake Mead (Boulder Beach),
Las Vegas, NV September 25, 26, and 27, 1998


2-mile qualification lap: 147.805, Miss Circus Circus (Chip Hanauer) 1990 
2-mile competition lap: 139.130, Miss Budweiser (Tom D'Eath) 1988 
6-mile heat: 134.282, Miss Budweiser (Tom D'Eath) 1988 
10-mile heat: 125.137, Miss Circus Circus (Chip Hanauer) 1989 
28-mile race: 124.459, Mr. Pringle's (Scott Pierce) 1988 


1. U-1 Dave Villwock (Miss Budweiser)       123.922mph 
2. U-20 Mitch Evans (Appian Jeronimo)       122.883mph 
3. U-16 Jimmy King (Miss E-Lam Plus)        113.734mph 
4. U-10 Mark Weber (Wild Fire),             113.734mph 
5. U-2 Steve David (Deja Vu/Primestar)      110.677mph 
6. U-19 Jerry Hale (Stealth Racing)         109.848mph 
Miss Budweiser              Dave Villwock  129.661 
Wild Fire Unlimited         Mark Weber     124.992 
Deja Vu                     Steve David    121.791 
Fast Lap #1 Miss Budweiser, 134.409 
Appian Jeronimo             Mitch Evans    133.644 
Miss E-Lam Plus             Jimmy King     133.066 
Easter Seals/Stealth Racing Jerry Hale     122.900 
Fast Lap #3, Appian Jeronimo 137.615 
Appian Jeronimo             Mitch Evans    126.029 
Deja Vu                     Steve David    124.272 
Wild Fire Unlimited         Mark Weber     120.465 
Fast Lap #3 Appian Jeronimo 129.798 
Miss Budweiser              Dave Villwock  124.209 
Miss E-Lam Plus             Jimmy King     119.747 
Easter Seals/Stealth Racing Jerry Hale     116.549 
Fast Lap #1 Miss Budweiser 128.159 
Miss Budweiser              Dave Villwock  128.201 
Appian Jeronimo             Mitch Evans    122.222 
Deja Vu                     Steve David    115.624 
Fast Lap #1 Miss Budweiser 141.412 
Miss E-Lam Plus             Jimmy King     125.682 
Wild Fire Unlimited         Mark Weber     125.305 
Easter Seals/Stealth Racing Jerry Hale     115.619 
Fast Lap #3 Wild Fire Unlimited 128.590 

HEAT 1A, 1B Recap:

LAKE MEAD, NEVADA (September 27, 1998): After a two day delay, the Ralph's Unlimited Hydroplane Thunder Tour presented by Las Vegas is back on schedule. The high winds were calm enough on Lake Mead to get heat 1A and 1B off before 9:00am this morning.

In the first heat, the Miss Budweiser, driven by Dave Villwock went deck-to-deck with the Las Vegas based Wild Fire. The two battled for a lap before Villwock dropped the peddle to the floor and pulled ahead of the Wild Fire and the Deja Vu, driven by Steve David.

David, who had experienced flight problems leaving Florida, was in the pits on Saturday.

The first place Miss Budweiser finished the heat at 129.661, followed by the Wild Fire (U-10) with a speed of 124.992. Steve David who placed third, had an average speed of 121.791 on the 2 mile course. Villwock had the fastest lap of the heat at 134.409.

In heat 1B, the Miss E-Lam Plus, driven by Jimmy King battled Mitch Evans and the Appian Jeronimo for nearly three laps. Jerry Hale in the Stealth Racing/Easter Seals and the E-Lam were the first to cross the starting line.

Jeronimo quickly made up ground and battled the E-Lam for 2 laps. The E-Lam had the Jeronimo beat in the turns but the hard charging Evans was able to catch the E-Lam in the straightaways. Jeronimo placed first, with a speed of 133.644 mph, beat the E-Lam by a half a boat length. King and E-Lam finished second at 133.066 mph, followed by the Easter Seals/Stealth Racing, 122.900. The fast lap of the heat was Jeronimo with a speed of 137.615 mph

* * *

Final Heat Recap:

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (September 27, 1998): Dave Villwock, driving his hard charging Miss Budweiser, swept all three heats and the final race in Sunday's Las Vegas Cup and claimed his 8th win of the Ralph's Unlimited Hydroplane Thunder Tour presented by Las Vegas.

The Miss Budweiser, who averaged 123.922 mph on the 2 mile course, easily ran away with the show. Villwock exited the first turn in the lead ahead of the Appian Jeronimo and Mitch Evans. By the end of the first lap, the Miss Budweiser had a roostertail lead over the Jeronimo, who at second place, averaged 122.883 mph. From that point on it was all Miss Budweiser.

A close race for third and fourth developed between Las Vegas based, Wild Fire and Miss E-Lam Plus. Mark Weber, driving the Wild Fire and Jimmy King switched places on nearly every lap. In the photo finish, it was the Miss E-Lam Plus that eventually placed third, at 113.734 mph. Weber and the Wild Fire literally flew over the finish line at 113.734 mph.

Steve David, driving the Deja Vu, finished fifth at 110.677 mph and the Easter Seals/Stealth Racing with Jerry Hale driving finished last at 109.848.

The water conditions settled in time for the scheduled final which say all drivers said it was the worst water conditions they had ever raced. Jimmy King, driving the third place Miss E-Lam Plus, said the "Seattle race ain't anything like this was, this is by far rougher water."

Mitch Evans, who found it tough keeping his boat loaded under the rough conditions said, "Its an ocean out there." It is by far the roughest condition I have ever raced in."

(Reprinted from UHRA.com)