1906 Indian Harbor Yacht Club Regatta

Racing - - Indian Harbor Yacht Club, July 4, 1906

The annual motorboat races of the Indian harbor Yacht Club on Independence Day brought out a fleet of fourteen motorboats, mostly of the high-speed type. The newcomers worthy of mention were Bit Bab and Fairbanks II, two 35-footers built by the Stoddard Mfg. Co., of Rutland, Vermont. They are 4 feet broad, and each has a three-cylinder, 4½ x 4½ inch Fairbanks motor. Yvonne, also a newcomer, is 30 feet long, 5 feet broad, equipped with a 50-h. Seitz motor, and is a product of the Milton Point Ship Yard; Den and Panhard II, White Fox, Silver Fox, Twentieth Century and Buddie II, with these, made up the fleet of speed boats, and the rattle of their exhausts as they dashed about in front of the clubhouse gave the impression of extreme speed. In the cruiser class Nawquisi and Marie raced together, although not in the same class, while Skat and Tormary were also put in the same class, although one is a cabin cruiser of low power and the other an auto boat.

The races were run over two courses. The one for the autoboats was 32.24 miles in length, being two trips to the red buoy off Lloyd's Neck and return. The cruiser course was 21.3 statute miles, and was run to the gas buoy off Shippan Point, with two rounds. From the spectacular point of view, the races were less interesting than those held a couple of weeks ago at the Columbia Yacht Club, as the racers were only in sight at the start and as each came up to round the home mark. Also, as each class was started at one signal, and the handicaps given at the finish, it was impossible for the spectators to know which boat had won until after the regatta committee had figured it out; consequently it was two hours after the finish before the results were known.

Panhard and Den started first at 3:20, going off close together and apparently neck and neck until they were out of sight. At 3:20 Bit Bab and Fairbanks II were also started, but in another class, followed at 3:30 by White Fox and Silver Fox, Buddie II, Twentieth Century and Yvonne. After a long wait Bit Bab came in sight, and considerable surprise was expressed that she had been able to make better time than Panhard and Den. From her arrival it was assumed that Panhard and Den had met with accidents, and later, when Panhard came in and started for the clubhouse, instead of going on her second round, it was learned that Den had been taken in tow before reaching the Lloyd's Neck mark, having stopped because of a cracked cylinder. Panhard had had ignition troubles on the outer course, for, although the sea was not high, her speed caused her to take considerable water aboard. Her crew were confused as to the length of the course, but after being advised from the clubhouse started off again for the second round. Yvonne finished first in her class, and the other boats came along at irregular intervals.

The races finished late in the afternoon, and everyone sat down to wait for the result to be figured out. After it was all over, Scat came in, there being no one ready to receive her, as the regatta committee had adjourned to the clubhouse. She ran a plucky race, but was not in her proper class. Tormary should have been placed with the other auto boats, and would have made a good showing. Buddie II did extremely well, in spite of the fact that she was running with a loose strut, having touched bottom just before the start, but was put in a class with boats much larger. Yvonne, a brand new boat, fresh from the builder's hands and as yet incomplete, made the best time of the day, 18.4 miles per hour, Bit Bab making the second best time, 17.7 miles per hour.

The weather in the morning was dull and rainy, but at the time the races had started the sun had come out, and although there was considerable sea, it was not sufficient to embarrass most of the boats. In point of view of the number of fast boats entered, this meet is thus far the largest of the season, in the quality of the boats and in the times made, which, although they are not high, are good considering the powers of the motors. The summary follows:

Classes C, I, J. -- Thirty-two to Fifty Foot Rating -- 21.30 Statute Miles
Boat Owner rating start round 1 finish elapsed allowance corrected rate
Tormary J.R. Towner 49.98 3:40 4:31:30 5:34:58 1:54:58 Allows 1:54:58 11.1
Scat C. Andrade 34.42 3:40 5:16:00 6:51:44 3:11:44 47:14 2:24:30 6.67
Auto Boats -- Eighty to Ninety Foot Rating -- 32.24 Statute Miles
Den J.H. Hoadley 88.57 3:20 did not finish          
Panhard II A. Massanet 84.69 3:20 4:28:30 5:27:05 2:07:05 did not cross the line 15.4  
Auto Boats -- Seventy to Eighty Foot Rating -- 32.24 Statute Miles
Boat Owner rating start round 1 round 2 elapsed allowance corrected rate
White Fox W. Ferguson 70.65 3:30 4:36:18 5:43:27 2:13:27 2:30 2:10:37 14.4
Silver Fox W. Ferguson Jr. 70.66 3:30 4:35:32 did not finish        
Bit Bab H.J. Stone 72.45 3:20 4:15:30 5:09:19 1:49:19 2:21 1:49:16 17.7
Fairbanks II H.E. Miller 71.75 3:20 4:24:51 5:21:10 2:01:00 :58 2:00:02 16.0
Auto Boats -- Sixty to Seventy Foot Rating -- 32.24 Statute Miles
Buddie II W.P. Atkin 67.86 3:30 4:28:25 5:28:53 1:58:53 1:30 1:57:23 16.3
20th Century L.F. Pettee 67.12 3:30 4:37:22 5:42:16 2:16:16 2:44 2:09:32 14.65
Yvonne T.R. Johnston Jr. 68.87 3:30 4:22:41 5:15:05 1:45:05 allows 1:45:05 18.4


(Transcribed from The Motor Boat, July 10, 1906, p. 29. )

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