1991 Budweiser Mission Bay Cup

Budweiser Cup on Mission Bay in San Diego

"The big news in qualifying was the world record performance of the Coopers' U-3 Oh Boy! Oberto Pork Jerky driven by Mitch Evans. The turbocharged Allison powered boat raised the record for a piston lap to 143.511 mph...

The Miss Ginger Honey (former 'Bubble Bud'), driven by Rod Zapf was the only boat not to qualify.

Highlights...included Mark Tate taking the Winston Eagle to the (unofficially) fastest heat ever run by an unlimited, posting a 151.207 mph average for Heat 2A. This, however, could not be certified as a record since it wasn't high enough over the existing mark (150.874 by Miss Circus Circus in San Diego '90) to count as an APBA record.

In Heat 1A, Tate had set the world record for a competitive 2.5-mile lap at 155.682 mph. Another highlight included Jerry Hopp and the U-7 The Marshall and the Lady holding off two turbines, U-2 T-PLUS and U-50 American Spirit, to win Heat 3B...

In the final heat, both the Bud and Winston broke the existing world record for a 12.5-mile race, with the Bud coming out on top, 147.807 to 144.817."

(Reprinted from the URC Electronic Hydroletter No. 34 November 2, 1995)