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We are here to celebrate unlimited hydroplane racing, with particular emphasis on the "Golden Age" of the '50's and '60's.

This will be the new site for Hydroplane History which is currently located at All the material from the old site is being updated and recoded to modern web standards.

In addition, lots more articles and stats, previously unseen, will be added.

Finally, this will be a showcase for hydroplane related video, both from my personal collection and from partnership with other hydro enthusiasts.

NOTE: This site is still in development and most of the links do not work yet. The rollout should be complete by some time in 2016.

March 2015

UPDATES (most recent first):

June 21, 2017

Articles and stats for races through 1986 now uploaded, a total of 1488 pages.

* * *

March 28, 2017

Articles and stats for races through 1979 now uploaded, a total of 1200 pages.

* * *

February 18, 2017

Articles and stats for races through 1973 now uploaded, a total of 1045 pages.

* * *

January 31, 2017

Articles and stats for races through 1967 now uploaded, a total of 874 pages.

* * *

January 17, 2017

Articles and statistics covering races from 1946 through 1962 have been entered -- more than 700 pages (!). Right now, this is text only -- photographs and other images will be added later.

Go to Races --> 1946-1949, Races --> 1950-1959 or Races --> 1960-1969 from the dropdown menu above (or simply click on these links). There you will see pages of links to individual races.

For coverage that includes more than one article you will see a Select Related Article . . . dropdown option that will take you to the other pages.

Much of this material is coming over from the old Hydroplane History website ( but it also includes considerably more statistics. Every page has been reformatted and brought up to current coding standards.

After the transfer and updating of old files is complete (some time in the next few months) I'll start adding some of the thousands of additional articles, photographs and video I have yet to ready for uploading.