1947 Auerbach Trophy

Foster Boat Wins in East

Miss Peps V Takes Auerbach Trophy

Red Bank. N.J.—(AP)—Danny Foster in his Miss Peps V copped both 10-mile heats of the "Judge" Emil Auerbach Trophy Race, beating Guy Lombardo's Tempo VI which took second place.

In both runs, Foster went off last, while Lombardo took the lead. The second heat saw the Maestro offer a game challenge in the final lap.

* * *

But Miss Peps, the boat which showed Lombardo the way home in the International Gold Cup races, maintained a powerful drive to win.

Foster averaged 70.783 miles per hour in the second heat and 69.124 mph in the first. Foster's times were 8:44:0 and 8:28:3 against Lombardo's 8:45:0 and 8:31:0. The final heat of this event will be run tomorrow at 2:20. On points, Foster has 800 and Lombardo 600.

(Reprinted from the Detroit Free Press, August 24, 1947)