1948 Webb Trophy

Webb Trophy Race Features Regatta At “State of Scott” Celebration Here

Feature attraction of the State of Scott regatta, to be held Sunday, July 4, again will be the Webb Trophy race. This race, won in 1947 by L. J. Fageol’s So Long, Jr, is considered second in importance only to the Detroit Gold Cup event. It was brought to Davenport for the first time last year.

The Webb trophy, awarded to the winner each year, has an actual value of $1,400, plus the cash money. Donated by Thomas H. Webb of Peoria in 1909 for the free-for-all championship of the Mississippi Valley Powerboat association, the cup is a perpetual award, being held each year by its winner and then returned to competition.

Some idea of the speed required to win the trophy may be gained from the fact that in 1941 William E. Cantrell was the winner with a 64.001 mph. average over a 20-mile course.

Last year’s race proved different from earlier ones in that two racers, Fageol's So Long Jr. and Al Brinkman’s Seabiscuit, had won a first and a second in the two heats. The point system was discarded in determining the winner in favor of the fastest time. Fageol had traveled the ten-mile course in 10:03, while Brinkman made it in 10:18, to So Long, Jr. was awarded the trophy.

(The Daily Times Thu. Jun 10, 1948)