1949 Detroit Marathon


August 1 (7N) 8.05 Mile Course
Detroit River (84N) 96.6 Mile Heat
Detroit, Michigan (84N) 96.6 Mile Race


  No. Entry Owner Comp. Lap Race
1. U-1 Such Crust I Jack Schafer 77.323 66.818
2. U-11 Such Crust II Jack Schafer 67.976
3. U-21 Aluminum First Henry Kaiser 65.564
4. U-25 Skip-A-Long Stan Dollar 87.632 75.091
5. G-7 Helvin Vince Turner 43.425
6. H-10 So Long II Lou Fageol
7. H- R. Buster Al Wargnier


  Heat One Driver Points Speed
1. Skip-A-Long Stan Dollar 400 75.091
2. Such Crust I Gene Arena 300 66.818
3. Aluminum First Gibson Bradfield 225 -Flag-
4. Such Crust II Dan Arena DNF
5. Helvin Vince Turner DNF
6. So Long II Lou Fageol DNF
7. R. Buster Al Wargnier DNF


Lap - Skip-A-Long 87.632

For the first time in Unlimited-Gold Cup history an Indianapolis 500 style race was run with pit stops replacing the separate heats. The race was 12 laps over the 8.05 mile Harmsworth Trophy course. The boats could go at least 6 laps without a pit stop as proven in the Harmsworth so one pit stop was anticipated.

[Statistics from Greene, V.1]