1949 Presidents Cup


Presidents Cup
September 17-18 2½ Mile Course
Potomac River 15 Mile Heats
Washington, D.C. 45 Mile Race


  No. Entry Owner Comp. Lap Race
1. U-1 Such Crust I Jack Schafer
2. U-11 Such Crust II Jack Schafer
3. U-3 My Sweetie Horace Dodge 83.180
4.. U-9 Astraea II Cameron Peck
5. G-12 Etta George Sarant
6. G-33 Betty V Mel Crook
7. U-99 Miss Pepsi Walter Dossin


  Heat One Driver Points Speed
1. My Sweetie Bill Cantrell 400 78.517
2. Such Crust I Lou Fageol 300 75.126
3. Such Crust II Dan Arena 225 71.751
4. Etta George Sarant 169 66.823?
5. Betty V Mel Crook 127 65.613
6. Astraea II Joel Thorne 95 63.996?


Lap - My Sweetie 83.180

High winds made for a very rough course on the second day of the Presidents Cup. Some of the smaller classes ran part of their schedule with sometimes reduced fields with several accidents. However the Gold Cuppers elected not to run. Nevertheless one of their number Etta competed in and won the American Speedboat Championship. The Presidents Cup was thereby declared no contest.

[Statistics from Greene, V.1]