1951 Imperial Gold Cup


September 30 2½ Mile Course
Ohio River 10 Mile Heats
New Martinsville, W.Va. 20 Mile Race


  No. Entry Owner Race
1 U-3 My Sweetie (2) Horace Dodge 71.556
2 U-50 Gale I Joe Schoenith
3 U-99 Miss Pepsi (2) Walter Dossin
4 G-31 Hornet Horace Dodge
5 H-8 Nuts & Bolts Bill Stroh
6 F-37 Pee Bee II W.F. Prim
7 F-77 Barracuda Lou Butler
8 A-140 Rivets Delbert Kreger


  Heat One Driver Points Speed
1 My Sweetie Bill Cantrell 400 76.922
2 Gale I Al D'Eath DNF
3 Hornet Danny Foster DNF
  Heat Two Driver Points Speed
1 My Sweetie Bill Cantrell 400 66.89
2 Barracuda Gib Bradfield 300
3 Rivets Delbert Kreger 225
4 Nuts & Bolts Bill Stroh 169
5 Pee Bee II W.F. Prim DNF


  Recapitulation Heat 1 Heat 2 Total
1 My Sweetie 400 400 800
2 Barracuda DNS 300 300
3 Rivets DNS 225 225
4 Nuts & Bolts DNS 169 169
5 Gale I DNF DNS 0
6 Hornet DNF DNS 0
7 Pee Bee II DNS DNF 0


Lap - My Sweetie

For the second straight year the Miss Pepsi entry failed to complete a heat. This year the Dossin entry burned out a gear bearing warming up for the race and did not start. In 1950 the Pepsi missed another golden opportunity to win by flipping in the first turn of the initial heat. Two years ago the original Miss Pepsi was dropped by a crane while being lifted into the water which prevented her from starting the final heat.

After both Gale I and Hornet fouled out in the first heat a number of limited hydroplanes were invited to give My Sweetie competition in heat two.

[Statistics and comments from Greene, V.1]