1955 Detroit Memorial

Supertest Set to Go

1955 Detroit Memorial Programme Guide
1955 Detroit Memorial Programme Guide
Miss Supertest
Miss Supertest, R. G. Thompson’s sleek craft

The Memorial Cup powerboat race in Detroit this Saturday promises as much excitement as last Saturday's thrilling Maple Leaf run in Windsor.

The same eight boats—and possibly three others—are expected to start in the Memorial.

The "hot boat" is the lone Canadian entry, Gordon and Jim Thompson's London and Sarnia craft, Miss Superteat II.

Supertest placed second in the Maple Leaf but her stunning competition debut brought immediate respect.

Miss Cadillac, the winner of the Canadian waterspeed crown, will also be entered.

Excitement is at pitch because the Canadian boat ran so well last week. This is the first outside challenge to the Detroit fleet, on home waters, in some years.

All classes of limited boats will also race.

Time for unlimited class heats are 12:05 for the first; 2:35 for the second; and 5:05 for the final.

Here are the likely entries:

The extra boats over last week's eight are

--- The Windsor Star, June 25, 1955