1956 International Cup


30-Sep 3 Mile Course
Pasquotank River 15 Mile Heats
Elizabeth City, N.Carolina 45 Mile Race


  No. Entry Owner Comp. Lap Race
1 U-2 Miss U.S. I George Simon 98.074
2 U-50 Miss Wayne (2) Bud Saile
3 International Jim Fyle
4 Slo Poke C.A. Widenhouse
5 Tom Cat V Tom Carter


  Heat One Driver Points Speed
1 Miss U.S. I Danny Foster 400 95.07
2 Miss Wayne Bud Saile 300 68.061
3 International Jim Fyle 225 68.01
4 Tom Cat V Tom Carter DNF
5 Slo Poke C.A. Widenhouse DNF
  Heat Two Driver Points Speed
1 Miss U.S. I Danny Foster 400 96.463
2 Slo Poke C.A. Widenhouse 300 67.131
3 International Jim Fyle 225 63.951
  Heat Three Driver Points Speed
1 Miss U.S. I Danny Foster 400 103.053
Race average was 98.195 mph.


  Recapitulation Heat 1 Heat 2 Cum Heat 3 Total
1 Miss U.S. I 400 400 800 400 1200
2 International 225 225 450 DNS 450
3 Miss Wayne 300 DNS 300 DNS 300
4 Slo Poke DNF 300 300 DNS 300
5 Tom Cat V DNF DNS 0 DNS 0


There had been quite a bit of damage sustained by the Unlimited fleet due to the rough water at Washington, D.C. thus there was a limited field for Elizabeth City.

After Washington, D.C. the High Point race had Shanty I in the lead with 1250 points, Hawaii Kai III second with 1052 points and Miss U.S. II third with 925 points. In effect the National High Point Championship was up for grabs with three races to go at Elizabeth City, Madison and Las Vegas.

Hawaii Kai III had been retired by her owner Edgar Kaiser and it was touch and go that she made the final race of the year although Kaiser purchased quite a number of Rolls Merlin engines from Stan Sayres. Miss U.S. II had been damaged quite extensively at Washington and although in the pits for the Madison Regatta the next weekend could not make a start. Miss Thriftway with 800 points was also damaged at Washington, but could have gotten herself in the High Point race by winning at either Elizabeth City or Madison. The bottom line apparently was that the High Point Championship did not mean much in 1956. )

[Statistics and comments from Greene, v.1]