1958 Apple Cup

Miss Bardahl Wins The Big Apple

Here's some inside information on Miss Bardahl, which brought honor to Ole Bardahl of Seattle, glory to the Queen City YC, more fame to designer Ted Jones and his first unlimited victory to driver Norm Evans when the green, yellow and black hydro won the Apple Cup at Lake Chelan May 11.

The victory proved an Allison aircraft engine still can develop the speed and maintain the stamina necessary to win the major unlimited hydroplane race. The Bardahl craft has a model 1710-G-6 of the 12 gasoline engine, 5.5 x 6 in. bore and stroke, a supercharger ratio of 8.10 to 1, a peak engine speed of 4200 r.p.m., turning a 2.75-to-1 step-up Seattle-built Western gear, with the maximum shafts speed of 11,550 r.p.m. developed 2000 horsepower.

The propeller sizes used varies from 13-in. diameter by 19-in. pitch to 13½ in by 24 in. on a 1-5/8 in. diameter "K" Monel shaft. The speed which the lash-up develops is amazing, although Miss Thriftway, Thriftway Too, and Maverick outran Bardahl in the various preliminary heats. However, the Bardahl was still running fine in the final heat of the Apple Cup for the big payoff.

The new Miss Thriftway was the boat to beat. She is a foot longer and eight inches wider than the 30 by 12 ft. Bardahl, heavier (6500 pounds) and packing a powerful Rolls-Royce. Brien Wygle and Thriftway Too was a second formidable challenger.

But in the final heat the two went out on the third lap when she struck some debris, presumably a part of Miss Burien's sponson which moments before had collided with a buoy, and tore a hole in the two's bottom as big as watermelon. She was saved, of course, but went out of the race.

Willard Rhodes thought he had the quill shaft problem licked, but on the eighth lap of the final heat, with victory in sight, Bill Muncey had to bring Miss Thriftway to a stop when she lost power.

The Chelan race was the first unlimited race of the season and the first to be run under the new rules of the APBA which provide for preliminary elimination heats, with the winner of the final heat declared the winner of the race.

This arrangement proved most satisfactory. There were 10 qualifiers, 5 interesting heats, no boats lost and all drivers in good condition for the next major Northwest race, the Diamond Cup at Coeur d'Alene Idaho, June 28-29th.

(Reprinted from Sea and Pacific Motor Boat, July 1958, p. 48-N)

Apple Cup Summary
Heat 1-A
Boat Drivers Speed Points
Miss Thriftway Bill Muncey 104.287 400
Miss Bardahl Norm Evans 100.521 300
Miss Seattle Chuck Hickling 98.504 225
Miss Burien Mira Slovak 97.035 169
Coral Reef Harry Reeves 92.847 127
Heat 1-B
Thriftway Too Brien Wygle 103.706 400
Maverick Bill Stead 101.733 Disqualified
Miss U.S. 1 Fred Alter 100.241 300
Miss Spokane Dallas Sartz 95.659 225
Miss Pay 'N Save Al Benson 92.672 169
* Maverick - fouled buoy on third lap and was disqualified from heat.
Heat 2-A
Boat Speed Points Total
Maverick 107.313 400 400
Miss Bardahl 103.868 300 600
Thriftway Too 97.666 225 625
Miss Spokane 96.843 225 394
Miss Pay ' n Save DNF 169
Heat 2-B
Miss Thriftway 104.428 400 800
Miss U.S. 1 101.484 300 600
Miss Burien 99.282 225 394
Coral Reef 95.003 169 296
Miss Seattle 90.27 127 352


Final Heat
Boat Time MPH Points Total Points
Miss Bardahl 17:07.8 101.618 400 1000
Miss U.S. 1 18:01.2 99.928 300 900
Miss Spokane 18:06.1 96.774 225 619
Maverick 22:09.5 78.419 169 569
Miss Thriftway DNF eighth lap 800
Miss Burien DNF fourth lap 394
Thriftway Too DNF third lap 625