1948 Season Summary


  April 12 Biscayne Bay Regatta Miami, Florida
  June 27 Glenn L. Martin Trophy Middle River, Maryland
2. July 4 Webb Trophy Davenport, Iowa
3. July 10 Henry Ford Memorial Detroit, Michigan
4. July 17 Percy Jones Memorial Battle Creek, Michigan
1. July 25 Calvert Trophy Louisville, Kentucky
  August 2 Maple Leaf Trophy Windsor, Ontario
  August 2 Picton Gold Cup Regatta
[Prince Edward Trophy]
Picton, Ontario
5. August 14 Cambridge Gold Cup Cambridge, Maryland
6. August 22 Emil Auerbach Trophy Red Bank, New Jersey
7. August 22 National Sweepstakes Red Bank, New Jersey
8. August 22 Red Bank Gold Cup Red Bank, New Jersey
9. August 28 A.P.B.A. Gold Cup Detroit, Michigan
10. September 6 O.J. Mulford Silver Cup Detroit, Michigan
11. September 12 Ohio Valley Trophy Cincinnati, Ohio
12. September 12 Harwood Trophy New York City, New York
13. September 26 American Speedboat Championship Washington, D.C.
14. September 26 Presidents Cup Washington, D.C.
[15.] October 3 Imperial Gold Cup New Martinsville, West Virginia

Column 1 reflects Jim Sharkey's date sequence in the 1946-2016 Hydro's Who's Who, not the actual dates which are to be found in Column 2.

  Winner Crew Chief Designer Builder Engine
7/4 So Long Lou Fageol Lou Fageol Fageol Fageol
7/10 Tempo VI Amp Orth Arno Apel Ventnor Allison
7/17 Such Crust Gene Arena Arno Apel Ventnor Allison
8/2 Such Crust Gene Arena Arno Apel Ventnor Allison
8/14 Lahala Harry Lynn Arno Apel Ventnor Allison
8/21-22 Lahala Harry Lynn Arno Apel Ventnor Allison
8/21-22 Aljo V Joe Van Blerck Amo Apel Ventnor Gray
8/28 Miss Great Lakes Danny Foster Dan Arena Arena Allison
9/4,6 Miss Canada III Charlie Volker Douglas Van Patten Greavette Rolls-Merlin
9/12 Copperhead II Loren Pennington Joe Guess Guess Ford
9/25-26 Such Crust Gene Arena Arno Apel Ventnor Allison


  Date Winner Driver
  April 12 Goo Goo II P.J. Henn
  June 27 Tempo VI Guy Lombardo
2. July 4 So-Long (4) Lou Fageol
3. July 10 Tempo VI Guy Lombardo
4. July 17 Such Crust Dan Arena
1. July 25 Ballyhoo Bob Ballinger
  August 2 Such Crust Dan Arena
5. August 14 Lahala Norm Lauterbach
6. August 22 Lahala Norm Lauterbach
7. August 22 Aljo V Joe Van Blerck
8. August 22 Z-Z-Zip Sid Street
9. August 28 Miss Great Lakes Danny Foster
10. September 6 Miss Canada III Harold Wilson
11. September 12 Copperhead Lorin Pennington
12. September 12 So-Long Bill Cantrell
13. September 26 Tomadge IV Tommy Keane
14. September 26 Such Crust Dan Arena
[15.] October 3 Tomyann Joe Taggart

Column 1 reflects Jim Sharkey's date sequence in the 1946-2016 Hydro's Who's Who, not the actual dates.


  Built Boat High Points  
1. (1948) Such Crust 1755
2. (1948) Lahala 1500
3. (1940) Miss Frostie 1440
4. (1946) Miss Great Lakes 1215
5. (1938) Miss Canada III 855
6. (1938) Tempo VI 540
7. (1948) Katy Did 450
8. (1948) Miss Pepsi 360
9. (1934) Betty V 270
10. (1948) My Sweetie 225
11. (1927) Sister Syn 180
12. (1939) Mercury 40
13. (1948) Skip-A-Long 000
14. (1948) Hurricane IV 000
15. (1948) Sant Ambrogio 000
16. (1948) Fleur Du Lac 000
17. (1948) Cricket II 000
18. (1946) Miss Windsor 000
19. (1948) Astraea II 000
20. (1948) Dukie (2) 000
21. (1942) Miss Cincinnati IV 000
22. (1948) Miss Grosse Pointe 000
23. (1948) MISS-ter-E 000
24. (1941) Hi Barbaree 000
25. (1948) Sil Lydia 000
26. (1948) Sheri San 000
27. (1946) Lion Bar Special 000
28. (1941) Hermes V 000
29. (1948) Stubby VI 000


  Driver High Points  
1. Dan Arena 720
2. Harold Wilson 600
3. Harry Lynn 420
4 . Danny Foster 405
5. Guy Lombardo 380
6 . Warren Avis 370
7. Ed Stair 180
8. Mel Crook 150
9. Clell Perry 135
10. Norm Lauterbach 125
11. Bill Cantrell 105
12. Horace Dodge 60
13. Oliver Elam 30
14. Stan Dollar 00
15. Morlan Visel 00
16. Ed Schoenherr 00
17. Al D'Eath 00
18. Achille Castoldi 00
19. Max Collins 00
20. Jack O'Meara 00
21. Lorne Armstrong 00
22. Robert Herman 00
23. Gerald Warren 00
24. Soupy Ciconett 00
25. Elmer Nowicki 00


An earlier list with apparently a very different scoring system recorded the Driver High Points as follows (note different sequence as well):

  Driver High Points  
1. Dan Arena 3700
2. Guy Lombardo 3500
3. Norm Lauterbach 2100
4. Danny Foster 2000
5. Warren Avis 1519
6. Harold Wilson 1419
7. Harry Lynn 1225
8. Ed Stair 1163
9. Robert Herman 525
10. Mel Crook 465
11, Oliver Elam 450
12. Clell Perry 300
13. Bill Cantrell 225
14. Horace Dodge 95
15. Stan Dollar 000
16. Elmer Nowicki 000
17. Achille Castoldi 000
18. Max Collins 000
19. Jack O'Meara 000
20. Morlan Visel 000
21. Ed Schoenherr 000
22. Lorne Armstrong 000
23. Al D’Eath 000
24. Soupy Ciconett 000
25. Gerald Warren 000


The A.P.B.A. reversed its stand from the previous year and allowed advertising on a Gold Cup boat albeit discrete advertising. This opened the door for expanded fields since a corporation could charge off their racing expenses as a business expense whereas an individual could not. In addition there were many more corporations with the wherewithal to run a Gold Cup boat than wealthy individuals.

For this and other reasons there were 17 new Gold Cup boats that made their debut in 1948. Principal among them were Miss Pepsi by Clell Perry - a replacement for the winning but wild riding Miss Peps V, the Ventnor Such Crust, John Hacker's My Sweetie and the Douglas Van Patten design Astraea II. In addition Hurricane IV of Los Angeles was scheduled to be the first Gold Cupper to test the three point prop-rider design.

With the Miss Peps V and Notre Dame gone. Miss Great Lakes driven by Danny Foster of Peps V fame. Tempo VI and Miss Canada III were the only boats of renown to return to the circuit for 1948. None of these boats had won a race in 1947. The new boats were all about 30 feet long as shorter boats had not faired so well with the new aircraft engines.

Tempo VI now powered by an Allison engine took an easy victory in the Ford Memorial when major contenders My Sweetie, Great Lakes and Such Crust failed in the first heat never to return. Tempo VI was the best boat at Gull Lake, but lost to Such Crust.

Tempo VI failed to start the final heat giving Such Crust her main antagonist the regatta. Tempo VI did a five mile lap at 82 m.p.h.-11 m.p.h. short of the 93 m.p.h. recorded by Miss England II on a 5 nautical mile course in 1931.

Such Crust posted her second win in the Maple Leaf Trophy over Miss Great Lakes which managed to stay together for the entire 45 miles giving the Such Crust some rough moments. Lahala, twin Ventnor design to Such Crust, ran out in front of Tempo VI at Cambridge, Maryland and when the latter failed had an easy victory in the Cambridge Gold Cup.

Lahala ran behind Tempo VI in two heats, but had more staying power and won the Auerbach Trophy at Red Bank. Lahala almost defeated the Guy Lombardo entry in the final heat.

The greatest Gold Cup of all time shaped up as 22 Gold Cuppers and/or Unlimiteds showed up in the pits at Detroit. Such Crust was the favorite with Miss Great Lakes and Tempo VI rated her closest competition. Lahala would have been considered among this group if not driven by her owner Harry Lynn, a rookie. Norm Lauterbach had piloted Lahala in her earlier regattas.

Unfortunately mother nature was not kind to motor boat racing on Gold Cup day and the course came up extremely rough. Due to the large entry list the first heat was divided into two sections with speeds determining the combined finish as in 1946.

The prop riding Hurricane IV went out of control at the start of heat 1-A and knocked herself and one of the leading contenders Tempo VI out of the race. Lahala went on to take the section. Neither Achille Castoldi's Sant Ambrogio nor the new Miss Pepsi could furnish competition.

My Sweetie got out in front in section B, but could not take the pounding and went out in a middle lap. Such Crust could also not take the pounding nevertheless taking the section anyway. Miss Great Lakes was close in second. Miss Canada III and Skip-a-Long could not contend.

Of the finishers only the third place Lahala joined the second place Miss Great Lakes for the second heat - the first place Such Crust was out for the day with a broken hull. Lahala led for a while, but then her hull also split and Miss Great Lakes was the sole finisher - the other starters were flagged for being too slow.

Heading into the final heat only Such Crust could overcome the Great Lakes point total to take the Gold Cup assuming Great Lakes failed to finish and the Jack Schafer entry won the final fast enough to overcome the Fallon boat's elapsed time for the first two heats.

Such Crust was in no position to start and the Great Lakes went the distance anyway to take the Gold Cup before sinking. Driver Danny Foster shook his fist at the committee on a number of occasions for not ending his misery by flagging him off the course as he had enough points to win the trophy.

With all the major contenders unable to start due to the Gold Cup carnage except the erratic My Sweetie, Miss Canada III won the two heat 90 mile Silver Cup. The new Miss Pepsi gave her a run for her money before she won the first heat. Although My Sweetie and Skip-a-Long ran in front of her in the second heat, Miss Canada III took another win when the aforementioned boats went dead in the water.

Such Crust came back to win the Presidents Cup posting the fastest lap and fastest heat. However Lahala ran out in front of her in the second and third heats losing the race when her engine faltered in the final heat. My Sweetie again ran a few first place laps before expiring. Silver Cup winner Miss Canada III did not rise about third place.

Such Crust ran a 2½ mile lap at 81 m.p.h. which broke the record by 7 m.p.h, but could not run even close to Miss America X's mile of 124 m.p.h. let alone Bluebird's 141 m.p.h. when she tried for a straightaway record. Such Crust did only 116 m.p.h.

1948 was a bad year for prop riders for not only had Hurricane run amuck in the Gold Cup, but the 225 record holding California Kid nosed in at Detroit in July and the 135 record holder Blue Blazes blew over at Picton, Ontario in August killing Jack "Pop" Cooper -- the most famous of limited drivers.

[Statistics and comments from Greene, V.1, with correction for Calvert Trophy date]