Au Revoir

One of John Hacker's First Creations [1905]

Au Revoir was designed and built by John L. Hacker, Detroit, Mich., for W. Murray Smith, of the same place.

She is 32½ft. by 4½ ft., with an extreme draught at her forefoot of some 12 inches to nothing at her transom. She is planked with 7-16 in. clear red cedar, with oak keel and timbers ½ x ¾ in. at 8 in. centers. Au Revoir's power is the 4-cylinder Model B Speedway engine, exhibited at the New York Power Boat Show last Spring, and is said to develop some 55 h.p. (This engine was illustrated in No. 24 Power Boat News.) Cylinders are 6 in. diameter, 6 in. stroke, surrounded by elliptical brass water jackets. Wheel is 22 in. diameter, 33 in. pitch, and at full speed is turned something like 900 r.p.m.

On Lake St. Clair recently, Au Revoir, on a 10-mile course, beat 999 by 4 min. 19 sec., and Kangaroo by 6 min. 7 sec.

(Transcribed from Power Boat News, Oct. 7, 1905, p. 524. )

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