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24 Hour Distance Record [1925]

30 Knots Per Hour With 9 HP

35 Knots in 1900

60 mph on water? [1906]

1800 Horses Ahead [Betty V, 1948]

*1903 Racing Season Summary

*1903 Season Summary

1904 Boating Season Analysis

1904 British Reliability Trials

*1904 Racing Season Summary

1905 New York Motor Boat Show - Motor Boat Engines at the Sportsmen's Show

1905 New York Motor Boat Show - Speedy Motor Boats for This Year's Races

*1905 Racing Season Summary

1906 Sea Mile Trials

1907 APBA Rating Rules

1908 Detroit Motor Boat Show

1909 Detroit Motorboat Show

1908 London Motorboat Show

1909 London Boat Show

1910 Berlin Motorboat Show

1910 Seatttle Boat Show

1933 APBA Rules

1933 : The Year of the Dodge Navy

1939 Ventnor Brochure

1949 Gulf Hall of Fame

1949 Preview - 1949 Preview [Motor Boating]

1949 Preview - 1949 Preview [New York Times]

1950 Gulf Hall of Fame - Fifteen to Gulf Hall of Fame

1950 Gulf Hall of Fame - More Power to You

1964 Unlimited Hydroplane Roster

1967 Miss Budweiser Joins Museum Fleet

1969 Pride of Pay 'n Pak Speed Attempt

1975 Hydroplane Slate is Worth Record $350,000 for 10 events

2001 Unlimited Hydroplane Roster

2002 Unlimited Hydroplane Roster 1

2002 Unlimited Hydroplane Roster 2

2012 Rule Changes Announced

A Brief History of Canadian Roostertails

A Brief History of the Mile Straightaway Record [1950-1979]

A Championship Season

A Driver Tells What It's Like [1959]

A Fast Trip Down The Hudson [More on Standard, 1906]

A Lake Chelan Memory : Riding in "Slo-mo" [1994]

A Las Vegas Memory

A Look Back and a Look Ahead [1967]

A Matter Of Class [1951]

A New Power Boat Club [1905]

A.P. Writer "All Shook Up" Over Hydroplaning [1959]

A Paper by Clinton Crane [1905]

A Power Boat Prophecy [1900]

A Record Cross-Country Motor-Boat Trip [1909]

A Ride With Joe Fellows [1921]

A San Diego Memory

A Short History of Motor Boating [1906] - Motor Boats

Accident to the Arrow [1903]

Adios Beats Standard [1903]

Aggressor and Stampede Remembered [1997]

Alexander Graham Bell and the Hydrofoils [1906-1921]

All Records Afloat Beaten by the Arrow [1902]

Amateurs vs. Professionals (1910)

An Early Amphibicar [1907]

An Early Boat Racing History [1906]

An International Union [1908-1927]

Analysis of the Hydroplane [1907]

Anything Goes In the Gold Cup [1957]

APBA Changes [1910]

APBA Fall 1903 Meeting

APBA Formation [1903]

Arfons Gears Monster for Water Speed Record [1967]

Art Arfons and His Green Monster [1967]

Art Arfons to "Drive" on Water [1967]

Art Asbury's Own Story on Driving - At a Speed Over Water of 184 mph [1957]

As The Turbine Turns [1958 Season]

Auto Boat Mile Record [1904]

Automotive Power [1996]

Bay City, Michigan - 1908 - The Home of the Speed Boat

Behind The Scenes With Gar Wood [1935]

Bill Muncey Defends Hydro Racing [1968]

Boat Clubs on the Ohio River [1906]

Britain Steps Ahead in the Speed-Boat Battle [1932]

British Prospects for 1908

Brooke I's 400-horsepower engine [1905]

Buffalo Motor Boat Club Fire [1909]

Buffalo Motors [1909]

Build Slo-mo-shun IV (model) [1952]

Changes at Buffalo for 1910

China Expansion [2012]

Clinton Crane's Yachting Memories [1952]

Come Ride With Me [1979]

Comments on Handicapping [1908]

Crew Chiefs : The Unsung Heroes

Danger a Part of Hydro Racing [1997]

Dean Chenoweth — 1979 Speed Record Attempt

Detroit River Gold Cup Hall of Champions 1946-2009

Detroit River Thunder

Developments in Fuel and Power [1909]

Developments in the Eastern Field [1920]

Developments in 1921 in The Eastern Field

Diamonds Aren't Forever [1984]

Dixie's First Trials [1904]

Dodge Prepares Great Racing Fleet [1933]

Driver Career Victories (1946-2001)

Eastern Development During 1923 (excerpt)

End of 1904 Season Meetings

Engines of Chip II And Sparrow [1906]

Engines of Chip III [1908]

English Criticism Of Familiar American Type Power Boats [1905]

Evolution of the Unlimited Lights

Expanded Schedule Announced For 1986 [humour]

Famous Old Hydro Racers Ready to Run [1997]

Famous Speedboats of the World

The Fast-Steppers : From Pioneer to Miss Pepsi

First Regatta of the Falls Cities Motorboat Association [1909]

Followup Meeting for a National Boating Association [1903]

Formation of the Motor Boat Club of America [1905]

Formation of the M.V.P.B.A. [1908]

Formation of the Pacific International Power Boat Association [1908]

Formation of the Willamette Motor Boat Club [1908]

Freak Productions [1905]

Fred Farley's Ten Greatest Gold Cups

French Launches and Launch Engines of 1905

From Rowboats to Roostertails [1986]

From the New Yorker [1905] - Hard Indeed To Understand

Galloping Shingles [1949]

Gar Wood and the Porpoises [1935]

Gold And Glory : The Final Year Of The Dragon [1965]

Gold Cup Glitter

Gold Cup History Tidbits [1997]

Gold Cup Racers Aim at 200 Miles per Hour [1957]

Gold Cup Repeaters [1996]

Grief And Glory In This Year's Racing [1938]

Guy Lombardo's 1948 Speed Attempt

H1 Unlimited Eyes Expansion into China [2012]

H1 Unlimited Announces Organizational Changes [2019]

Happenings at Buffalo [1907]

Harmsworth Challenge Due in '52

Harmsworth Deed of Gift [1903]

Harry Volpi's Driver Decelerator [1969]

Hawaii Kai III - The Gold Cup Champion

Hawaii Kai III : The "Pink Lady" Legacy [The "Quasi-Kai"]

Hell-Bent Hydroplanes [1956]

High Speed Motor Boats [1905]

Highlights of Detroit Race [1901-2005]

Hoosier Boy

Horsepower Estimation [1903]

How Fast Will It Go? [1986]

How Sterling Engines Are Made [1908]

How to Build a Hydro [1959]

How to Drive a Racing Speedboat [1936]

How To Win The Gold Cup [1959]

How Variable Rudder Control Was Installed in Slo-Mo-Shun [1950]

Hull Career Victories (1946-2001)

Hundred Miles an Hour? [1925]

Hydro Frenzy Hits Peak [1959]

Hydro Past Recalled : A Preview of '62 Slate

Hydro Who's Who; Don't Get Lost [1961]

Hydroplane Guide Archive

Hydros Begin 1963 Campaign

Hydros Start '64 Circuit

In the Beginning . . .

Intercontinental Challengers [1996]

International Motorboat Union [1908]

International Racing Is Not New To The Unlimiteds [2009]

Is there a future for automotive power for Unlimiteds? [2011]

It May Be England's Bluebird vs. Slo-mo-shuns On B.C. Lake ln '52

It Was Fascination, I Know [1992]

It's a Whole Lot of Fun Now [1972]

J Michael Kelly in New Zealand [2012]

Jones Building Jet-Propelled Craft [1960]

Kaiser Aims for World Speed Record and Harmsworth Trophy With New Boat [1949]

Kelowna Hydro Consortium Ready for First Race [1997]

La Rapiere II Makes A World's Record At Trouville [1906]

Lake Erie Racing (1910)

Launch Racing On The St. Lawrence [1905]

Let’s Revive the Step Hydroplane [1954]

Levavasseur Motor [1906]

Lombardo Strikes up New Gold Cup ‘Tune’ [1960]

Lombardo To Try For World Speed Mark [1949]

Lozier Challenge Cup [1906]

Lozier Engines [1900-1906]

Lutece and Rapee II [1903]

Madison Celebrates Championship III [2011]

Madison, Indiana: Lots of History in Madison

Malcolm Campbell Plans Attempt on Boat Record on Lake Okanagan [1948]

Maverick Blast Injures Driver [1959]

Miss Bardahl Crowds Maverick for Honors [1958]

Miss Bardahl Retires [1969]

Miss Bardahl Wins Hydro Award [1964]

Miss Madison: A 50 Year Timeline [2010]

Miss Madison, The Gold Cup Champion

Miss Thriftway Sets Speed Record [1960]

Model Boat Racing in 1910

Model Boat Racing in 1911

Model Power Boat Racing [1907]


More About the Standard Motor Co. [1903-22]

More New Boats of 1904

More on APBA Handicap Rating [1905]

More Power To You [Speed Records, 1946]

More Than a Mile a Minute : An Introduction [1992]

Motor Boat Association [1903]

Motor Boat Challenge [1904]

Motor Boat Club of America Changes [1907]

Motor Boat Racing in Europe [1935]

Motor Boating - A New Sport [1904]

Motor Boating In Canada [1906]

Motor Boating in Detroit [1907]

Motor Boating in San Francisco [1905]

Motor Boating in the Far West (Oregon) [1907]

Motor Boating On San Francisco Bay [1910]

Motor Boating On Puget Sound [1906]

Motor Boating On Puget Sound [1907]

Motor Boats On San Francisco Bay [1907]

Motor Boats on the Mississippi [1909]

Motor City Memories [1996]

Motor-Boating in the West [1904]

Motor-Boats [1904] - The New Swift High-Powered Pleasure Craft

Muncey Joins Schoenith for '70 Unlimited Tour

Muncey Runs for the Glamor [1971]

New BMBC Racing Class for 1910

New Boats of 1904

New Hydro For The Western Circuit [1966]

New Hydroplanes Heavier, Strong [1967]

New Pacific Coast Boats for 1920

New Speed Marks Seen by Lombardo [1948]

New Speed Record Gar Wood's Aim [1931]

Nitrous Oxide

Norm Berg Builds a Pair [1979]

Notes From Up and Down the Coast [1909]

Notes From Up and Down the Coast [1910]

Oberto Reunites with Bernard [2019]

Ohio River Thunder : A Hydroplane Heritage

On the Sacramento River [1907]

One of the First Hydrofoils [1907]

One Race Wonders [2012]

Onontio's Mile Record [1904]

Pacific Coast Racing History Associated with PMB Trophy [1951]

Plane Too Speedy for Miss America [1931]

Pontoon-Hydroplane Promises Higher Speed (1930)

Poor Turnouts for the 1905 Season

Power Boat Don'ts [1905]

Power Boating in Buffalo [1906]

Power Boating in Toronto, 1906

Power Boats' Dual Test [1903]

Powerboat Racing on the Chesapeake [1995]

Powerboats Make Detroit Special [1976]

Presidents Cup [1926-1940]

Presidents Cup History, 1926-1976

Presidents Cup 1926-1977 [1]

Presidents Cup 1926-1977 [2]

Presidents Cup : The Truman Years

Pressure Big Reason for Fatalities -- Muncey [1967]

Prizes for Power Boats [1902]

Problems With the Race Handicap Rating Rules [1906]

Propriders : The First Generation

Racers Eligible for 135 And 225 Inch Classes [1935]

Racing Hydros Isn't Like Anything Else [1997]

Racing on Three Points! [1963]

Racing Retrospectives [2000]

Racing the Twentieth Century Limited [1925]

Rainbows and Roostertails

Recent Performances Of French Hydroplane Boats [1907]

Record-Breakers [1951]

Risky Business [1997]

Ron Jones and the F-16 Safety Canopy [1999]

Rossi's Boats and Trophies Lost [1946]

Rule Changes for 1904 - New Rules for Autoboats

Running the Snake River in 1910

Salton Sea, 6 - Lake Mead, 1 [1950]

Sayres Sets World Record of 160 mph [1950]

Sayres Sets World Speed Boat Mark With Slo-Mo-Shun IV

Sayres Sets Mark in Slo-mo-shun IV [1952]

Sayres Sets World Speed Boat Mark With Slo-Mo-Shun IV [1950]

Sayres’ Slo-Mo-Shun V to Begin Barnstorming Tour Through East [1953]

Sayres' Speed Feat Stirs Discussion [1952]

Sayres to Try for World Speed Record

Schafer’s Such Crust: The Most Productive Seasons

Seattle Chances for Speedboat Race Good [1950]

Seattle Boat Race on the Air [1959]

Self Starting Devices in 1907

Simon Gets Gold Cup Hydro [1963]

Slo-Mo-Shun V Invades The East [1953]

Smoke on the Water [1994]

Some Early Three-Pointers

Some Famous Unlimiteds of the Past

Some More Early Three-Pointers [Version 1]

Some More Early Three-Pointers [Version 2]

Speed Boat Developments From The Past Into The Future

Speed Boat Development in Europe [1935]

Speed Over Water Goes Up and Up [1940]

Speedboat Kings [1939]

Spirit of Detroit Team Update [2019]

Team Porter Will Field Two Boats In 2014

Television: How Much, and How Soon? [1991]

The 1909 Racing Season at Buffalo

The 1950 Motor Boat Racing Season

The 1956 Hawaii Mile Trial Remembered

The Advent Of The Speed Launch [1903]

The Aerodynamic Boat (1930's brochure)

The Apple Cup Revisited [1983]

The Automobile And Motor-Boat Races At Nice And Monte Carlo [1904]

The Big Ones . . . around the Roostertail Circuit [1959]

The Boats That Didn't

The Conventional Hydroplane [1951]

The Craig-Dorwald Engine [1905]

The Development of the High-Speed Launch or Automobile Boat [1904]

The Duke of Westminster's Accident [1910]

The Engines of Dixie II, USA and Den [1908]

The Fastest Boat On the B. C. Coast [1908]

The Fauber Hydroplane [1908]

The First Motorboat Club Organized in Canada [1908]

The Florida Racing Circuit [1949]

The Future of Power-Boat Racing [1908]

The Gold Cup Class Revisited [1922-1941]

The Griffith Cup: All You Ever Needed To Know [1995]

The Growth and Trend of Power Boat Racing [1909]

The History of the Gold Cup Boats -- Part III [1946]

The King and the Motor Yacht Club [1910]

The Limits Of The Speed Launch [1903]

The Miss Bardahl Story

The Motor Boat of the Future [1906]

The Motor of Lamb IV [1909]

The Motorboats on Lake George [1909]

The Multiple Point Hydro [1951]

The New "Miss Bardahl" [1967]

The Notre Dame Story

The Oakland Boys [Dan Arena and Danny Foster]

The Oh Boy! Oberto Story

The Ohio River Races : A Look Back in Time [1991]

The one, and only, officially sanctioned Automotive Thunderboat Race [1987]

The Power Boat In 1904

The Power Boat In 1905

The Power Boat On Puget Sound [1907]

The Racing of Power Boats [1903]

The Racing Season of 1909

The Roostertail: Historic Roostertail Sponsors The 22

The Season At Buffalo [1906]

The Speed Launch Express [1903]

The Speed of Motor Boats and Their Rating For Racing Purposes [1906]

The Thornycroft Racers [1910]

The Thunder Returns to Virginia [1997]

The UR Class is Here! But Will it Fly? [1991]

The Ventnor Three-Pointers

The Victoria Motor [1906]

Their Biggest Racing Thrill... [1959]

The Years of Dixie and Chip

Three New Trophies [1905]

Three Traditional Races [1999]

Top Campaigners: The Schoeniths and Their Gales [1959]

Top Season Slated in Unlimited Class [1964]

Tri-Cities: Lamb-Weston Columbia Cup Has Rich History

Tuning-Up and Driving the Racing Motor Boat [1933]

Twenty Safety Improvements 1966-1986

U.S. Readies Jet Boat Assaults This Year On Water Speed Record [1965]

UIM World Champions 1938 – 2013

UL Boats In San Diego [2009]

Upper Mississippi River Motorboating [1908]

What Became of Miss Canadas III & IV?

When Hydros Were Kings Of Our World [1998]

Whispering Turbines – Powering Winners

With Hydros You Get What You Pay For [1999]

World Championship Winners [1938-2006]

World Championship Winners [1937-2012]

World Kilo Record For 11 Peters & May

World Speed Record Attempt (1908)

Year of the Green Dragon - 1964 Season Summary