New BMBC Racing Class for 1910

Marine Motoring: British Motor Boat Club

The British Motor Boat Club Racing Committee have decided to form a class for next season’s racing, and the club will provide races for these boats at each of its regattas during the season. The details of the class are as follows:--

Length not to exceed 21 ft.

Beam not to be less than 3 ft. 9 in.

Motor to be of British manufacture, and to be of two cylinders, each of 4 in. bore or the equivalent, the stroke in no case to exceed 6in.

A penalty handicap of 30 sec. Per knot for winning a first prize, 20 sec. Per knot for winning a second prize, and 10 sec. Per knot for winning a third prize to be enforced.

The speed of the boats should be about 15 knots, and they will probably cost from £150 to £200 each. Any one interested in the class should communicate with the secretary.

(Transcribed from the Times of London, Oct. 19, 1909, p. 17.)

[Thanks to Greg Calkins for help in preparing this page --LF]