The Big Ones . . . around the Roostertail Circuit [1959]

In the midsummer madness that now annually comes upon Seattle, it's the fast-moving hydro jockeys and their roaring mounts that capture the center of all attention. In the Gold Cup at Seattle this year Jack Regas, who piloted Hawaii Kai to its first Gold Cup win last year, will drive Ole Bardahl's snorting Green Dragon Miss Bardahl. Mira Slovak is back in the saddle for Bill Boeing's Miss Wahoo.

Now that Henry Kaiser has sold Hawaii Kai, the winning combination that ran here has completely broken up and the last unit of the famous Slo-Mo crew who worked with whirlwind speed and ballet precision and has been scattered. Joe Mascari is the new owner and had not assembled a crew at this writing. The Kai may participate in both the Diamond Cup at Coeur d'Alene and the Gold Cup and may fly the Meydenbauer Bay YC burgee, according to Mascari's representative, Harry Birdsall.

West Coast boats participating in the Ford Memorial race July 4 included the Miss Thriftway, Miss Bardahl, Fascination and Maverick. Armchair drivers rate the new Thriftway and the new Maverick as the fastest boats on the Circuit, but the tough course on Detroit calls for a lot of stamina.

Chances for a Seattle boat to be named to defend the Harmsworth trophy at Detroit August 26-27 look pretty slim, according to the Seattle hydro experts. The boats participating in this international race must be built of materials and engine from country of origin, which means that Allisons must power the U.S. defender. The hot Seattle boats now all carry Rolls-Royce engines, although Maverick, registered with the Lake Mead YC, and some of the eastern boats have Allisons. The Canadian challenger is the new Miss Canada III [Miss Supertest III — LF].

(Reprinted from Sea and Pacific Motor Boat, August 1959, P. 42-N)