1905 Racing Season Summary [Calkins]


Boat Owner Driver Designer Builder Length Power
Arcadia John D. Roach         25 hp
Argonaut Godfried Piel          
Beldame H. A. Lozier Jr Lozier        
Challenger W. Gould Brokaw A. D. Proctor Smith Clinton H. Crane Smith & Mabley 40' 150 hp Simplex
Chip Jonathan H. Wainwright Wainwright Leighton Leyare 27'3" 10.5 hp Leighton
Colonia F. G. Bourne          
Comet G. B. Dewey Dewey        
Demooy T. G. Roland Roland        
Dixie Edwin R Thomas Thomas Clinton H. Crane Smith & Mabley 40' 150 hp Simplex
Dream Charles Peterson          
Durno J. H. Durno         7 hp
Edith John Cornwall          
Everglades Thompson          
Grant Ferris T. B. Collins Collins        
Grant Ferris Jr. T. B. Collins Collins        
Greylock Hully G F. Freund          
Huma Ralph Worthington          
LaMascotte F. B. Havens         60 hp
Napier II Lionel Rothschild John Scott-Montagu Scott-Montagu   Yarrow 40' two 80 hp Napier
Panhard II Andre Massanet         Panhard
Pike Sam Stemson Jr.          
Queen Bess P. R. Branson         27.14 hp Standard
The Reliance A. Z. Stradford          
Shadow G. E. Andrews Andrews        
Simplex III A. D. Proctor Smith Smith Clinton H. Crane Smith & Mabley 32' 30 hp Simplex
Talisman William Saville Saville     32'8" 8 hp Murray & Tregurtha
Union Union Gas & Engine Co       40' 50 hp Union
White Fox Ferguson (until Sep.) Charles Hatch         15 hp
Wiggler C. G. Bergerine Bergerine        
X.P.D.N.C. G. Gillig J. Siegel Siegel Nat Herreshoff Herreshoff 44' 75 hp Mercedes


Date Race and Site Class Winner Avg. Speed (statute mph) 2nd 3rd
Feb. 1 Palm Beach, Fl. Lake Worth Breakers Cup small powerboats Shadow 10.862 Scout  
Willoughby Trophy boats under 12 mph Shadow 11.372 Olive Histed
Flagler Trophy high-speed boats Challenger 27.617 Comet Grant Ferris Jr.
Pleasure Boat Trophy boats under 12 mph Demooy 21.885 Huffstettler Globe
Bingham Cup Handicap free-for-all Challenger 20.023 Comet Shrimp
Feb. 2 Palm Beach, Fl. 4-mile handicap Yachts & Motor Boat Tenders Everglades 8.17 Porpoise Ruffhouse
4-mile race Auxiliaries Huma 9.995 Anderjack Orchid
1 kilometer high-speed boats Challenger 27.591    
1 mile " Challenger 27.397    
4-mile handicap boats under 12 mph Grant Ferris 6.487 Wiggler F. Rose
20-mile handicap free-for-all Grant Ferris Jr. 6.44    
Feb. 3 Palm Beach, Fl. 8-mile handicap free-for-all Comet 18.774 Challenger Westrell
4-mile championship cabin boats Enterprise 19.038 Izaak Walton Kathleen
8-mile race boats under 18 mph Wiggler 10.965 Demooy  
1-mile handicap free-for-all Demooy 8.423 T. Rose Shadow
Palm Beach Cup free-for-all Challenger 21.953 Grant Ferris Jr. Comet
Feb. 4 Palm Beach, Fl. Palm Beach Mile Autoboats Challenger 29.041    
Feb. 7 Miami, Fl. Biscayne Bay Miami Mile Autoboats Challenger 29.513    
29-May Manhasset Bay YC Regatta Manhasset Bay, NY Class S Panhard II   Shooting Star II  
Class H Colonia   Simplex III Beldame
Class I Pike   Santoy II  
04-Jun Columbia YC Regatta Hudson River New York City Class J The Reliance 10.623 G.S.M.S.  
Class I Simplex III 15.897 Mary Santoy II
Class C Queen Bess 14.15 Alishe  
Class B Argonaut 15.852 Beldame Green Dragon
Class R Panhard II 22.508 Challenger  
Class S Colonia 18.619 Mercury Shooting Star II
11-Jun New Rochelle Regatta New Rochelle, NY Long Island Sound Class P.Q.R Challenger 24.181    
Class S,T,V White Fox 12.454 Simplex III  
Class A.B.C.D Beldame 12.22 Argonaut Queen Bess
Class H,I,J The Reliance no time    
Class K,L Hully G 16.136 The Grace  
08-Jul Highland Beag Regatta Navesink Highlands N.J. boats under 17' Anna 12.04 Waikihi  
18'-24' boat Greylock 12.307 Sea Robin  
boats over 24' Edith 15.789 Gertrude Clara B
high powered boats Dream 13.729    
July 22-24 College Point, N.Y. to Marblehead, Ma Long Island Sound boats under 40' Talisman 7.09 Glissando Blink
Aug. 1 Eastern Y C Gay Cup Autoboats Dixie      
Aug 24-26 A.P.B.A. Gold Cup Chippewa Bay, N.Y. St. Lawrence Riv. Autoboats Chip 15 Invlese Shooting Star II
Aug. 30 Astoria, Or Columbia River. Autoboats Union 20.714    
Sep. 14 Harmsworth Trophy Bay of Arachon France Autoboats Napier II 19.738 Napier Mab
Sep 14-16 New York City Hudson River 58.5-mile handicap Cruisers under 50' Arcadia 10.579 Hazel Glissando
58.5-mile handicap 33' high speed boats Durno 16.866 Vici Simplex III
90-mile handicap Cruisers Over 50' LaMascotte 13.845 Cactus II  
Inter-State Trophy Open Launches White Fox 20.869 Traveler August Meitz
National Trophy Speed Boats Over 40' X.P.D.N.C. 23.422 Skeeter Veritas
International Cup 12-meter high-speed boats Dixie 24.348 Shooting Star II  
Sep. 15 New York City to Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Hudson River free-for-all Simplex III 18.085 Wizard  


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