New Speed Record Gar Wood's Aim [1931]

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -- Gar Wood, silver-haired sovereign of American water courses, will steer his sleek-lined Miss America IX across a measured mile on Indian Creek here tomorrow in an attempt to regain the world's record for speed boats. The record was taken to England last year by the late Sir Henry O.D. Segrave.

Wood will have a dual goal as he pilots his 24 cylindered craft through the tidewaters of the creek. He will try to outdo the Segrave mark of 98.76 miles an hour established just before the English speedster was fatally injured at Lake Windermere and also try to establish a 100-mile an hour mark for boats, 1.24 miles an hour faster than the present record.

The current Miss America, latest of a line of speed craft to be sponsored by piloted by Wood, was shipshape tonight for her scheduled run. As the wealthy sportsmen tried out her engines, capable of developing 2,200 horsepower, he found them in condition and saw inclement weather as the only possible cause for a postponement.

As he makes his attempt, Wood will be accompanied by Orlin Johnson, the mechanic who has accompanied him in his speed demonstrations for the past several years.

The bid for the record, to be considered officially, must be made in two runs, one each way of the course.

(Reprinted from the Associated Press, March 19, 1931)