Hydros Start '64 Circuit

The roaring unlimited hydros started their 1964 Circuit of races on June 21st at the Dixie Cup Regatta at Guntersville Alabama, and two weeks later moved to Detroit for the Gold Cup Race.Dixie Cup

Veteran driver Bill Muncey, formerly of Miss Thriftway fame, took the Dixie event before a crowd of some 40,000 fans. When the fastest five boats came out for the final heat it was still anybody's guess as to the winner. Bill Muncey in Notre Dame had 800 points with Ron Musson in Miss Bardahl right behind him with 700 and Buddy Byers in Miss Madison, also with 700. Tempo and Mariner Too completed the field. All five boats jumped begun as the final heat started with both Miss Bardahl and Notre Dame caught in rooster tails from other boats. Muncey made a quick recovery but Musson stopped briefly while Notre Dame took out after a front running Miss Madison.

When the heat ended, Miss Madison was first to which gave her a total of 1100 points. Notre Dame, also with the 1100 points was awarded the Cup on the basis because of any average speed for the day of 99.122 mph against Miss Madison's 95.833. With 925 points Miss Bardahl was third, Tempo fourth with 652 and Mariner Too fifth with 639.

Other final placements found Miss Budweiser sixth with 625, Blue Chip seventh with 469, Miss Smirnoff eighth with 450, $ Bill ninth with 225 and Tahoe Miss tenth with 169. Gale V and Savair's Mist tied for eleventh while St. Regis failed to qualify.

APBA Gold Cup

On July 5 Ron Musson in Miss Bardahl renewed his claim for the famous Gold Cup the second straight year although he could have lost it by two points in the final figures.

Bill Muncey, with 4 Gold Cup victory is under his belt and wanting to make it five, made a good start at the fates weren't with him. He one heat 1-A trailed by Miss Exide, Miss Smirnoff, Blue Chip and Miss Eagle Electric. Chuck Thompson in Tahoe Miss took heat 1-B ahead of Miss Bardahl, Miss Madison, Miss U.S. 5, and $ Bill. Tahoe Miss repeated to win first in Heat 2-A. Muncey would have been a close second in Notre Dame before hitting a buoy which meant an extra lap and putting the last spot. Miss Exide was second followed by Gale V and Miss U.S. 5.

Ron Musson brought Miss Bardahl across the line first in heat 2-B with Miss Madison, Miss Smirnoff, $ Bill and Miss Eagle Electric behind him.

The two "M" boys finally met in heat 3-A and immediately started dueling for the lead. On the North turn of the first lap both boats, running abreast, hit a heavy swell, became airborne and threatened to flip. Both stayed under control although Muncey ended up in the infield. At this point red flares canceled the heat because of a pleasure cruiser which had strayed onto the course.

Muncey was unable to get started in time for the rerun and Miss Bardahl finished first ahead of Miss Exide, Miss Smirnoff and $ Bill. Tahoe Miss began to look like a good bet when she took her third first in heat 3-B trailed by Miss Madison and Miss U.S. 5. Gale V did not finish and Miss Eagle Electric was disqualified.

Going into the seventh in final heat Chuck Thompson led with 1200 points against Musson's 1100 and was out for blood. He one many other races but the Gold Cup has never been one of them in this looked like his chance. It wasn't to be, however. Tahoe Miss kicked up trouble in her oil pressure system and returned to the pits. She wasn't able to get back on the course until after the start. Musson, with his chief rival far behind him, decided to play it cool and gathering just enough points to win by staying in third-place behind Miss Exide and Miss Madison.

Miss could have proved a costly decision. If Tahoe Miss, running in sixth place, had passed a fifth place Miss U.S. 5, she would have garnered a total of 1327 points to beat Miss Bardahl's 1325.

Musson was a mighty happy warrior after it was all over and his grip on the old cup was assured for another year.

The final lineup at the finish was: Miss Bardahl 1325, Miss Exide 1300, Tahoe Miss 1295, Miss Madison 1125, Miss Smirnoff 844, Miss U.S. 5 690, Notre Dame 527, $ Bill 465, Miss Eagle Electric 254, Gale V 225, Blue Chip 169, Miss Budweiser.

(Reprinted from Sea and Pacific Motor Boat, September 1964, Pp. 73-74)