35 Knots in 1900

Torpedo Boat Makes Over 35 Knots An Hour

The Viper has recently passed through her official trials with very creditable results. In four consecutive runs over a measured mile, she attained a mean speed of 34.8 knots an hour, the fastest mile being covered at the rate of 35.5 knots. The maximum speed, therefore, was equal to just 41 miles an hour. On her preliminary trial the Viper, when indicating about 7,500 horse power, ran at the speed of 32 knots an hour. It is said that on her recent full-power trial she indicated between 10,000 and 11,000 horse power. This vessel, as our readers are aware is an enlarged Turbinia, her length being 210 feet, beam 21 feet, draft 7 feet, and displacement 325 tons. The record speed for any vessel was originally held by the Turbinia, which was also propelled by a turbo-motor. Subsequently the torpedo boat Hai Lung, built by Schichau for the Chinese navy, a boat driven by reciprocating engines, was reported to have made 35 knots an hour, which was within half a knot of the present record. It is claimed, however, that the Viper will be subsequently improved so as to add another knot or more to her speed.

(Transcribed from Scientific American, Jan. 20, 1900, p.35. )

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