The Season At Buffalo [1906]

"Participated in the general success of the past boating year with flattering complement to each of its four clubs" is the sum of the situation at the Buffalo end of Lake Erie. The yacht, launch and canoe interests never have had a more interesting season. Hot skirmishes and close finishes abounded to such an extent that the occasional runaway race provoked only desultory comment or applause.

At Grand Island on the Niagara River was the scene of some fast work with the power boats. The new home of the Buffalo Launch Club was taxed to its capacity on race days and interest grew apace whenever a meeting of the fast ones was scheduled. Among the winners during the season were the 25-miler Niagara, Whiz, Dolphin, Norbert and Arab II. The races were all held on the east fork of the river and ranged from 5-mile dashes to an endurance contest of 36 miles.

On the west river, where the home of the Motor Boat Club of Buffalo is situated, equally fine sport was had. The speed contests brought out new fliers in the Tornado and the Pete. Both are able to do better than 20 miles an hour. The two clubs came together in a joint meet, which was one of the biggest of its kind ever held in these waters. In the line up for the speed event which was the feature of the day were the following entries, any one of which can do better than 18 miles, ordinary going. The Niagara, Pete, Dolphin, whiz, Tornado, Wizard II, Flea, Arab II, Ab. S. and Norbert. The course was around a 10-mile double triangle, with the start and finish at the vertices. The Niagara won the race taking down both the first and time prizes. The elapsed time of the winner was 24 minutes and 10 seconds. The Niagara carried the colors of the Buffalo Launch Club. The Pete, enrolled in the Motor Boat club, same in second.

(Excerpts transcribed from Boating, December 1906, pp. 428-429. )

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