Eastern Development During 1923 (excerpt)

The last craft I shall refer to is Rainbow III., Commodore Greening's wonderful racing runabout, which is a thoroughly Canadian product as regards ownership and construction. The complete design of this craft is best described as the combined results of the teamwork of Mr. Harry Greening, the owner, Mr. John Hacker, the well-known (Detroit, Mich.) designer of speed craft, and of Mr. Herbert Ditchburn, the president of the company that built the hull and installed the machinery. The motor in Rainbow is a special Packard, built in the United States.

Rainbow III. was specially designed for the Gold Cup races and is undoubtedly by far the best of the boats which competed in that race. Her principal dimensions are: Overall length 25 ft. 6 in., beam 5 ft. 2½ in. Though equipped with an engine having only 618 cubic inches piston displacement, she captured the first heat at an average speed of 44.75 miles and the second heat at an average speed of 44.75 miles, and was prevented from winning the third heat by unnecessarily stopping to fix a pin in rudder. (The owner believed his boat had accumulated sufficient points to win without it being necessary to push Rainbow to a third win).

When it is remembered that Rainbow III made highest speed in two races, and in the third until stopped, and was competing with similar sized craft fitted with engines of same make she has and having twice the piston displacement, the wonderful nature of her performance is apparent.

The 24 hour (1064 miles) record run of Rainbow III on the Muskoka Lakes in Canada is also a performance which stamps this craft as the outstanding craft of the year for both reliability and speed.

(Reprinted from Pacific Motor Boat, December, 1923)