Buffalo Motor Boat Club Fire [1909]

Buffalo Motor Boat Club, Motor Island, Buffalo, N.Y.

The club’s house on Motor Island in the Niagara River was totally destroyed by fire on July 17, causing a loss of about $25,000. The members will rebuild their house as soon as possible, but in the meantime enjoy the privileges of the Buffalo Launch Club’s house on Grand Island, which were extended to them by Commodore Fenster of the Launch Club. The Buffalo Motor Boat Club has won its fight to be allowed to construct a dock at the foot of Austin St.

(Transcribed from MotorBoating, August 1909, p. 50.)

* * *

Motor Boat Club of Buffalo

The Buffalo Boat Club is the sort of organization that seems not to be disheartened by any mishap. The new clubhouse, which had just been completed, and an older building, were both completely destroyed by fire on July 17. But the club went right ahead and started a new house on Motor Island, to cost $18,000. This structure, to be an improvement in some respects over the one that was burned, it is expected will be ready for occupancy by October 15. The new building is to be two stories high, and metal lath and concrete will be used in its construction. Meanwhile the Buffalo club is going right ahead with its racing program. One important event comes off September 4 – the second annual international motor boat race, 25 miles, for the championship of the Great Lakes, for the Edwin Ross Thomas trophy. This race will be held over the club course of five miles in the Niagara River, five times around, starting 3:30 P.M. All boats start scratch, no time allowances, and no boat is eligible for the race which is not capable of a speed of twenty-five miles per hour. It is expected that the winners of the Gold Cup and the Inter-Lake regattas will meet in this race. At least two speedy boats will enter from the Buffalo club, Courier II and La Truda. Entries for this race must be in the hands of rear commodore James savage, 1097 Ellicott Square, Buffalo, by Thursday, September 2.

(Transcribed from MotorBoating, September 1909, p. 46.)

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