Miss Bardahl Retires [1969]

In early May a terse announcement came through: the defending champion Miss Bardahl will not race in 1969. Billy Schumacher, the Seattle Kid, himself, in present speed on the water, is in the Southland developing a Bardahl marketing service. The announcement simply said: The decision was made in Seattle.

SEA asked its Northwest Editor about the Seattle explanation and he writes that Miss Bardahl is actually retired, which is a short-life for this relatively new hull. Here is the report:

Miss Bardahl, reigning queen of the unlimited hydroplanes, has been retired. At present there are no plans for a Bardahl boat to take part in the 1969 summer hydroplane racing circuit, but there is a new boat on the drawing boards.

Perhaps the 1970 season will find another in this champion fleet bringing home to Seattle the same honors as the other Ole Bardahl hulls have done. This is the fifth Bardahl boat to be retired. This racing boathouse has chalked up six national championships and five Gold Cup victories, an unmatched record.

Billy Schumacher, unlimited racing's most successful driver, and the entire Bardahl crew will remain with the company ready for the 1970 season.

(Reprinted from Sea and Pacific Motor Boat, July 1969, p.31)