Harmsworth Deed of Gift [1903]

An International Cup For Motor Boats

That the racing of motor launches is of more than local interest is proven by the recent action of the Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland in establishing a perpetual challenge trophy for international launch racing. Mr. Harmsworth, a member of the club, presented the cup, and it will be known as the Alfred Harmsworth International Cup. The preliminary announcement contains the following tentative conditions governing the first race for the cup:

  1. That the race shall be for motor launches not exceeding 40 feet over all measurement of hull.
  2. That there shall be no restriction as regards to motive power.
  3. That all competing boats shall carry two hands, of whom the helmsman must be an amateur (to be defined hereafter).
  4. The race to take place in some sheltered water in the United Kingdom, probably in Queenstown Harbor, Cork, just after the Gordon Bennett Cup race, which is proposed to run early in July.

Such a race should prove most interesting, and, if it becomes an established feature, should serve a most effective means of bringing marine motors and the design of launch hulls to a state of perfection.

Full particulars regarding the races and the final conditions governing them can be obtained from M. C. Johnson, Secretary of the Automobile Club of Great Britain, 119 Picadilly, London.

(Transcribed from The Rudder, May, 1903, p. 304.)

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