Formation of the M.V.P.B.A. [1908]

Organization of the Mississippi River Power Boat Association

The call of the Muscatine Launch Club for a gathering of motorboatists at Muscatine, Ia., on January 21 met with a very hearty response, and the meeting was successful beyond the anticipations of even the most ardent optimistic spirits. Representatives of at least a dozen of the Mississippi River motorboat clubs were present, and the business of organizing the Mississippi River Power Boat Association was rapidly transacted. Phil J. Mackey, of Muscatine, spoke the words of welcome. The other speakers, all of whom emphasized the need of such an organization and pledged the support of their clubs to the same, were: R. H. Combs, of St. Louis, Mo.; Major Meigs, of the Keokuk (Ia.) Launch Club; L. Rosenstein, of Moline; E. Corsipius, Ft. Madison, Ia.; W. H. Gosch, of Davenport, Ia. The election of officers was the next thing on the program and resulted as follows: President, A. C. Adams, Muscatine, Ia.; vice-president, R. H. Combs, St. Louis, Mo.; second vice-president, E. Corsipius, Ft. Madison, Ia.; treasurer, W. H. Gosch, Davenport, Ia. Delegates: R. C. Lutz, Burlington, Ia.; A. C. Decker, Keokuk, Ia.; Dr. Dixon, Burlington. The following committees were appointed: Credentials -- L. C. Lenck, Muscatine; E. Corsipius, Ft. Madison; R. G. Webb, St. Louis. Permanent Organization -- Major M. Meigs, Keokuk; Chas. P. Hanley, Muscatine; George Swaine, St. Louis. Constitution -- A. C. Decker, Keokuk; A. C. Adams, Muscatine; R. H. Combs, St. Louis.

The name Mississippi River Power Boat Association -- instead of Upper Mississippi River, which was the first thought -- was decided upon, in order to include St. Louis and other southern cities in the membership. it was arranged to hold the first convention on June 18, in St. Louis, and the first annual regatta on July 4, at Muscatine. A committee on racing rules, composed of R. C. Combs, of St. Louis; George Shaddo, of Keokuk; Dr. Dixon, of Burlington, and Archie C. Adams, of Muscatine, was also appointed. This took place at an afternoon meeting followed by a banquet at the Commercial House. The Muscatine Launch Club and its guests spent the evening at the opera-house, witnessing "The Man of the Hour."

(Transcribed from MotorBoat, Feb. 10, 1908, p. 5. )

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