Followup Meeting for a National Boating Association [1903]

W. H. Ketcham, Chairman of the Regatta Committee of the Columbia Yacht Club, has issued the notices for the second meeting of the yachtsmen interested in the development and racing of motor boats. At the preliminary meeting held at the Columbia Clubhouse last week several delegates from local yacht clubs were present, and it was their unanimous opinion that a National Motor Boat Association should be formed.

The object of this association, Mr. Ketcham states, is to promote the racing of power yachts and launches, and it is hoped that the co-operation of many clubs will develop the interest in and holding of interclub races, thereby bringing together many yachtsmen interested in this sport. It was also the unanimous opinion at the last meeting that the association should be composed of the membership of yacht clubs through regularly appointed representatives.

The next meeting is to be held at the Columbia Yacht Club, foot of West Eighty-sixth Street, on Wednesday evening, Feb. 25, and delegates have been invited to attend from all yacht clubs in the vicinity of New York, with power to act in forming a definite organization.

(Transcribed from the New York Times - 26 Jan. 1903. p. 12. )

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