Engines of Chip III [1908]

Probably the fastest craft in existence driven by internal combustion engines of the two-stroke type is Chip III, the 40-footer built this spring to defend the Gold Challenge Cup of the American Power Boat Assn. Coming out the same season as the wonderful Dixie II, she has been more or less blanketed by the performances of her speedy rival, and although no match for Dixie, she is an extremely fast craft.

The two engines are a combination of the two and three port systems of 6-in. base and 5-in. stroke, driving twin screws having reversible blades at a maximum speed of 1,100 r.p.m. The engines, complete, each weigh 900 lbs.

Each cylinder is equipped with its own carbureter, and while each engine is equipped with an exhaust manifold, this piece was not used during the cup race, each cylinder having an individual stack some six feet high, giving the craft a most unique appearance. Finishing second each day to Dixie, with the balance of the fleet far behind, Chip earned the admiration of all by her game performance

Though thoroughly aware of the fact that nothing short of a complete breakdown could change the final result of the series, after Dixie had completed the first round on the opening day, Leighton and his men stuck to the task gamely and each day put up a most spectacular race which will long be remembered by those fortunate enough to have witnessed the series.

(Transcribed from The Rudder, December, 1908, p. 328.)

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