Arrow [1909]

Gull Lake, Michigan

The photograph reproduced above [not available at this time --LF] show the 25-foot semi-racer Arrow. She is owned by Earle A. Goodenow, Kalamazoo. Mich., and she is used on Gull Lake, near that city. Her beam is 56 inches and she is equipped with a 12-hp., three-cylinder Ferro motor, which turns a two-bladed 18-inch-diameter wheel of 27 inches pitch at 900 r.p.m. With this propeller the owner states she makes 15 miles an hour, and with a three-bladed 18-inch by 24-inch propeller he states that she can do 18 miles. The boat draws only 12 inches. Her cockpit is finished entirely in mahogany, and the cover over the engine is of the same wood. Seats are arranged lengthwise. The cockpit is 11 feet long. The electrical equipment includes port, starboard and bow lights, a searchlight an an electric whistle. Controls are arranged at the steering wheel and the engine is equipped with Mr. Goodenow’s own self-starter device. Arrow is used as a family boat and is perfectly safe under all conditions. She was built by the Inland lakes Company, of Lake Geneva, Wis.

Gull Lake is a beautiful sheet of blue water, nine miles long and three miles wide, situated in the ehart of southern Michigan. There are nearly three hundred motorboats on this little lake, seventy-five of them new this season. The fastest boat on the lake is owned by Ardene Goddenow. It is a 28-footer, 48 inches beam, equipped with a 50-hp. Van Blerck motor, which drives a three-bladed 19-inch-diameter by 30-inch-pitch wheel, giving the boat a speed of more than 24 miles an hour. The boat was built by her owner. Several fast boats will be added to the fleet next year and a motorboat club will be organized.

(Transcribed from MotorBoat, Oct. 10, 1909, p. 14.)