Hoosier Boy

Hoosier Boy [1909]

Whitlock, of Rising Sun, Ind., — his initials are J. W. — determined last Winter, to have the fastest boat in those parts. He ordered a whole carload of lumber from Oregon, being unable to get what he wanted in smaller quantity, and purchased a six-cylinder, 75-hp. Buffalo motor of the 1909 speed type. He went to Stillman & Truitt, builders of speed craft at Chillicothe, Ill., and asked them to design him a 40-foot hull; then he built it true to their lines.

Hoosier Boy was entered in the regatta of the Ohio River Launch Club, at Cincinnati, on July 24, and finished first in a 24-mile race. Her time was 52 minutes and 45 seconds. Hoosier Boy was disqualified for having exceeded the time limit figured by the officials, and the race went to Br`er Fox II, which covered the course in 58 minutes and 38 seconds. This of course does not detract anything at all from Hoosier Boy’s splendid performance.

Hoosier Boy is a fine boat from every standpoint. She is fast, seaworthy, excellently built and handsomely finished. Her owner is one of the most enthusiastic racing men of the country. He started out to get a fast boat, and he certainly got one.

(Transcribed from MotorBoat, Sep. 10, 1909, p. 27)

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