1936-04 (Sharkey) / 3604 (UNJ)

Gold Cup Winner May Race Again [1946]

Return to Waterways of the Hotsy Totsy III Looms — Scored 1940 Upset

There's a probability that an old Gold Cup boat will be back hammering the waterways this summer. Albin S. Fallon of Detroit is reported to have applied for the racing number of Hotsy Totsy III, presumably with an eye for action. The number is G-4.

Hotsy Totsy III formerly was owned by Sidney Allen of Hampton Bays, L.I. Allen scored one of the most notable upset victories in the Gold Cup race with her in 1940 at Northport, L.I. Without any previous Gold Cup racing experience, he bought the boat only a month before the Northport race from the estate of the late Victor Kliesrath. Although Hotsy Totsy was making her first Gold Cup appearance since the 1937 race at Detroit she was nursed through the three thirty-mile heats to win the trophy after Notre Dame and My Sin, the two fastest, went out in the first heat with mechanical difficulties. The present Hotsy Totsy had a noteworthy predecessor, the original boat of that name, with which Kliesrath won in.1930 and 1931.

(Reprinted from the New York Times, April 28, 1946)