1940 Notre Dame 4th G-5 Detroit,Mi.
  Notre Dame 4th Owner - Herb Mendelson
Designer & Builder - Dan Arena
Hull - Step hydro
Driver - Dan Arena
Power - 24cyl Dusenberg 900 hp.
Speed of 100 mph.
  Notre Dame 4th Driver - Dan Arena
Winner of the Silver Cup Race
1948 Miss Frostie G-49 Detroit,Mi.
  Miss Frostie Owner — Alvin Frost
Driver - Warren Avis
Power - V12 Allison
Best finish - Second
1950 Gale (1st) U-50 Detroit, Mi
  Gale (1st) Owner - Joe Schoenith
Hull Rebuilt & lengthened aft 3ft
Power - V-12 Allison
Driver - Lee Schoenith
Best finish - Third
1953 Miss Wayne [1st] U-50 Detroit, Mi.
  Miss Wayne [1st] Owner - Bud Saile
Drivers - Bud Saile & Doc Terry
Best finish - Third
  Miss Wayne [1st] Driver - Bud Saile
Best finish - Fourth
1956 Miss Ricochet U-80  
  Miss Ricochet Owner - Chuck Doran
Driver - Bob Sommerville
Best finish Fourth [??]
  Miss Ricochet Driver - Bob Sommerville
Best finish - Fourth
    Driver - Bill Mathews
Best finish - Third [International Boundary race]
    Boat burnt at the Gale Shop in Troy, MI
1996 Notre Dame (replica)  
  Notre Dame (replica) Gerard Raney & Alex Giaino built a replica of Notre Dame with the original motor