1941 So Long, Jr. G-1 USA
  So Long, Jr.  
  So Long, Jr.  
  So Long, Jr.  
  Peter Pan I  
  When Jack Schafer purchased So Long, Jr. he intended to name
the boat Peter Pan I, after one of his bakeries. It never raced under
that name.
  Schafers Special H-5  
  Schafers Special Driver - Howard Hughes
  Schafers Special Driver - Bill Stroh
1948 Hi Barbaree U-2 (USA)
  Hi Barbaree Owner - Elmer Nowicki
Driver - Elmer Nowicki
Length - 18ft
Beam - 8ft
Hull - 7 Litre
1949 So Long II H-10  
  No photo Owner - Lou Fageol
  Driver - Raymond Fageol
  Best Finish - 4th (Buffalo)