1946 Miss Windsor G-2 (Canada)
  Miss Windsor Owner - Lorne A. Armstrong
Mechanic - Mike Mitchell
Length - 26ft
Beam - 6ft 9in
Hull - River Rat; step hydro
Color - White
Power - Packard Rolls-Royce Merlin
Entered the 1946, 47, & 48 Races D.N.S.; sank twice
  Miss Windsor crew  
  Owner Lorne A. Armstrong is at the left, while the others, reading
around the cockpit in a clockwise direction, are Howard J Armstrong, Mike Mitchell, and Donald W Armstrong.
  Miss Windsor DNF - Maple Leaf Trophy in Windsor, Ontario
Sank - Windsor International Weeepstakes
Driver - Lorne A. Armstrong
Mechanic - Ray Marlow
  Miss Windsor  
  At 1948 Detroit Ford Memorial  
    Destroyed by fire at 1948 Gold Cup
    Owned by James McKee, Ontario (??)
    Dave Bartush has the gear box